Rise & Shine: If state tests keep changing, can they still be used to judge a school’s progress?

TRICKY TRACKING As the state tests evolve, some experts say it becomes nearly impossible to track progress at struggling schools. Chalkbeat

TEACHING TECH At a recent city-run workshop, educators practiced some highly unusual techniques for teaching computer science. Chalkbeat

CHARTER GROWTH Editorial: Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of Success Academy, says charter schools are outperforming district schools on state test scores. New York Daily News

CREDIT DUE Editorial: If mayoral control is ultimately extended, the mayor will owe Eva Moskowitz a “big wet kiss,” argues Peter Cunningham, executive director of Education Post. New York Daily News

WHY CHARTERS? Editorial: Jeremiah Kittredge, CEO of Families for Excellent Schools, says charter schools are the right way to close the achievement gap for students of color. New York Post

UPSTATE SCORES Editorial: Why are upstate cities doing worse than New York City on state tests? The answer could be economics. New York Daily News

INSIDE ESSA Editorial: This will be a big year for shaping policy under the Every Student Succeeds Act, explain the leaders of The Education Trust and newly launched Education Trust-New York. New York Daily News

SIGN HERE Activists submitted a new petition urging the city to require ultra-orthodox yeshivas to offer more secular instruction. New York Daily News

STEM GEM New York City is offering a new STEM-based afterschool program to young public housing residents on Staten Island. Staten Island Advance

NEW RULES Beginning in 2021, New Jersey will require high school students to pass standardized tests tied to the Common Core in order to graduate. New York Times

NEW STANDARDS Tennessee is becoming a national pioneer when it comes to developing new social and emotional learning standards. Chalkbeat

COLLEGE CASH Private colleges and universities say making in-state tuition free at public colleges may have drawbacks. The Atlantic