Rise & Shine: Mayor Bill de Blasio cruises to second term

Good morning! Are you interested in making middle school admissions more fair? Parents in Manhattan's District 2 think schools should start by banning attendance as an admissions criteria. They reason the measure can put students at a disadvantage, though poor attendance is largely beyond the the control of any fourth-grader.

Also, Mayor Bill de Blasio won a second term in a landslide victory and New Yorkers voted against a constitutional convention. Read more about what that means for education here and here.

— Monica

SCHOOL SOLUTION Parents in District 2 want to make middle school admissions more fair by preventing schools from selecting students based on attendance records. Chalkbeat

DECISIVE VICTORY Mayor Bill de Blasio won reelection, which means his education agenda will likely continue for four years. New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, New York Post, Politico New YorkChalkbeat (Nov. 7)

NO CON CON Voters also rejected the chance to hold a constitutional convention, a big victory for union leaders who worried a convention could erode workers’ rights. New York TimesWall Street JournalNew York Daily NewsNew York Post, Politico New YorkChalkbeat (Nov. 6)

MYSTERIOUS MONEY Thirteen of the city’s elite high schools get an annual funding bonus of almost $1,000 per student. WNYC

LEMON DANCE Opinion: The city’s inability to fire teachers amounts to a “dance of the lemons,” where ineffective teachers are passed to different schools, writes Marcus Winters, a Manhattan Institute senior fellow. New York Daily News

FAKE NEWS Contrary to a viral news story, there is no reason to think U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is planning to resign. Chalkbeat

BAD BEHAVIOR A school safety agent is charged with hitting a woman with his car. New York Daily News