Rise & Shine: Mayor de Blasio claims New York City schools are safer than ever

SAFETY DANCE Mayor Bill de Blasio held a press conference to announce city schools had the “safest school year on record.” Is that claim right? Chalkbeat, Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, New York Post, NY1, WNYC, New York Times, Newsday

Editorial: The mayor’s argument is not based on solid numbers. New York Post

Opinion: Max Eden, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, breaks down the data de Blasio used to support his assertion. New York Post

FINE PRINT About 75,000 students applied for New York’s new free-tuition scholarship, but do they know what they’ve signed up for? State officials now have the important task of making sure students understand the scholarship’s fine print. Chalkbeat

ATR Opinion: The decision to place teachers from the controversial Absent Teacher Reserve into classrooms “shatters the trust” one parent has in sending her daughter to school. New York Daily News

STAY IN SCHOOL New York state is providing $17 million for colleges and universities to partner with struggling schools to prevent dropouts. Associated Press

TEACHER CERTIFICATION SUNY deans are speaking out against a proposal that would allow some charter schools to certify their own teachers. Albany Times Union

STATEN ISLAND SCHOOL A school on Staten Island is one of two on the state’s “persistently dangerous” list. Staten Island Advance

POLITICAL FIGHT One of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s challengers said the education department is a “bureaucratic nightmare” and called for an examination of the agency’s contracts. Staten Island Advance

LAWSUIT A former superintendent was accused of sexual harassment. New York Post, New York Daily News

ASK ARNE Former U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan criticized the new secretary, Betsy DeVos, for her stance on civil rights. Chalkbeat