Rise & Shine: Meet a school in the Upper West Side integration debate that doesn’t attract students with top test scores

Good morning! A debate about school integration on the Upper West Side has some parents worried that their children will not be able to attend their top choice school. But which schools in the district are parents worried about their children attending? We visited a school, West Prep Academy, that does not often attract students with high test scores, to see what students and teachers there make of the debate. Officials at West Prep Academy argue it's student progress, not initial test scores, that show whether the school is doing well.

Also, the city's top education department officials had a lot of fun congratulating Big Apple Award winners, who are honored each year for excellence in teaching. Be sure to watch some of the videos where teachers were surprised with the award in their school.

— Monica

INTEGRATION SAGA What’s it like at a school that some parents involved in the Upper West Side integration debate are worried their children will have to attend? Chalkbeat visited a school on the cusp of Harlem called West Prep Academy, where most students are black, Hispanic and poor. Officials there argue student progress is the key metric of school success. Chalkbeat

The city is planning to make changes to the current Upper West Side diversity plan. NY1

DAY THE MUSIC DIED Since the city broke up large, comprehensive high schools into smaller schools, many campuses have found it difficult to continue teaching music in the same way. New York Times

BIG APPLE Here are the 17 teachers who won one of New York City’s Big Apple Awards, which recognizes excellent teachers. Chalkbeat

SEXUAL HARASSMENT Six principals and the head of the Department of Education’s Division of School Facilities were subjects of at least an 11 combined sexual harassment lawsuits. New York Daily News

The city announced that one of the principals on the list would be removed from his post and reassigned to a central office job. New York Post, New York Times

Critics say that education department officials are protecting these “habitual harassers.” New York Post

ON THE RADIO If you missed Chancellor Carranza on Brian Lehrer, you can find his radio appearance here. WNYC

EDUCATOR ARREST A middle school teacher who allegedly kissed a student’s neck was arrested on sex abuse charges. New York Daily News

TRAGIC EVENT A Queens elementary school teacher died while hiking. New York Post, New York Daily News

TELL THE TIMES The New York Times is asking for parents, educators and students to discuss the racial makeup of their schools. New York Times

NATIONAL NEWS Two former staff members at Families for Excellent Schools are planning to start a new organization, but they do not plan to focus on New York. Chalkbeat