Rise & Shine: More graduation requirement changes could be on the way

GETTING TO GRADUATION New York education officials are discussing a plan to allow high school students with disabilities to earn a diploma without passing most or all Regents exams. Chalkbeat

WHO RULES THE SCHOOLS A bill introduced by the State Senate majority leader Friday would extend mayoral control of New York City schools by only one year and allow governor to appoint an “education inspector” who could appeal decisions made by the Panel for Educational Policy. New York Times, Politico New York, New York Daily NewsNew York Post

Assembly Democrats still have enough leverage to force Senate Republicans to accept a “take it-or-leave it three-year extension” of mayoral control, Ken Lovett writes. New York Daily News

BOYS AND GIRLS After it was reported that an investigation into Boys and Girls High Principal School Michael Wiltshire had found that he failed to report an alleged gang rape, the mother of the student who made the allegation said it had been a verbal threat. Department officials said Wiltshire did not follow reporting procedures. New York Times, New York Post

Wiltshire denied the allegations, saying, “I don’t think I want to work for the DOE any longer.’’ Wall Street Journal

Editorial: Wiltshire was failing, and de Blasio’s “Renewal” school-turnaround program is too. New York Post

CONTROLLED CHOICE WNYC’s data team uses graphics to explain how a “controlled choice” admissions system could change the elementary schools in Manhattan’s District 1. SchoolBook

Parent leaders and education department officials say they are still in talks about District 1’s plans. SchoolBook

BY THE NUMBERS About 68,000 students applied for 23,600 available seats in New York City charter schools, the Charter Center said Friday. New York Daily News

FIRING BACK Campbell Brown: Success Academy won’t “give it a rest” as Mayor de Blasio requested. New York Post

A TEACHER’S POWER Rose Graham, an assistant principal at Brooklyn’s P.S. 399, joined her local community board, ran summer programs, and helped adults earn GEDs in a bid to improve her community. New York Daily News

NOT WHO HE SEEMED The man who gave a fake check to Brooklyn’s High School for Enterprise, Business and Technology had previously pretended to be a Yankees player. New York Post

CRIME An assistant principal at Staten Island’s P.S. 22 has been reassigned after slashing a man through a car window. New York Daily News, Staten Island AdvanceNew York Post

A gospel singer who taught an after-school class at Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy II has been accused in a lawsuit of sexually abusing multiple children at the school. New York PostNew York Daily News

A former teacher at I.S. 227 in Queens kept images of eight students on his school laptop, an investigation found. New York Post

A man walked into P.S. 279 in the Bronx on Friday morning, smacked a teacher’s butt, and then fled. New York Post

A teacher at Bronx Arena High School resigned after an investigation began into a brazen affair with a student. New York Post