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Rise & Shine: New York City education officials want to beef up spending on school security

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After more than a year of meetings, the mayor's School Diversity Advisory Group has come out with its first set of recommendations. Among the suggestions, the group calls for more schools to represent the demographics of their immediate districts rather than the city as a whole. And it calls out nine specific districts that should be required to come up with integration plans.

But the report is also notable for what it doesn't include: It does not address the mayor's controversial proposal to integrate the city's elite specialized high schools. Nor does it say what to do about segregated gifted and talented programs or selective admissions policies more broadly (those issues are expected to be addressed later).

Also in today's roundup, state policy makers are interested in studying the effect of new graduation options on longer term student outcomes; teachers in Denver are on strike; and officials are beefing up spending on school security.

—Alex Zimmerman, reporter

DIVERSITY REPORT The mayor’s School Diversity Advisory Group is recommending that a group of nine districts across New York City should be required to devise integration plans. Chalkbeat

STUDENTS SAY Student activists said they are also hoping the report will help spur a greater number of teachers of color in the classroom and more culturally responsive curriculum. Gothamist

TRACKING SUCCESS After adding new ways for students to graduate high school, state officials are talking about how to track outcomes for students who follow different paths to graduation. Chalkbeat

TEACHER STRIKE Against a backdrop of teacher activism across the country, Denver teachers walked out of their classrooms Monday. Chalkbeat

NO SNOW DAY New York City schools are scheduled to remain open Tuesday. Patch, Pix11

FOLLOW THE MONEY Education department officials are doubling the amount of capital funding for school security over the next five years to $200 million. TimesLedger

GAME OVER A gym teacher who played the video game “Fortnite” with his students was removed from his school. New York Post

PRESIDENT DE BLASIO? The mayor is reportedly considering a run for president. Politico