Rise & Shine: New York City families prepare for school closure vote

Good morning! City officials are expected to vote this week on the largest single round of school closures during Mayor Bill de Blasio's tenure. The upcoming decision has parents wondering why some schools were slated for closure while others were saved.

Plus, de Blasio said he supports students who want to protest gun violence at a rally scheduled for March, suggesting they will not face any serious disciplinary action if they participate and that the protest is a "teachable moment." Also, retiring Chancellor Carmen Fariña continues her goodbye tour with a piece in the Daily News that reflects on her time at the helm of the city's school system.

— Monica

SCHOOL CLOSURES As the city prepares to vote on shuttering 13 schools, parents are protesting and wondering why their child’s school was picked for closure. Chalkbeat

FINAL ANSWER Opinion: Chancellor Carmen Fariña shares what she’s learned after serving as the leader of the nation’s largest school system for four years. New York Daily News

GUN VIOLENCE Mayor Bill de Blasio suggested that students will not face serious disciplinary action if they choose to participate in a national protest of gun violence planned for March and said that the movement is a “teachable moment.” Chalkbeat, New York Daily News, New York Post, Staten Island Advance, WNYC

ARMING TEACHERS NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said that arming teachers is a bad idea and urged lawmakers to “let teachers teach.” New York Daily News

CULTURAL COMPETENCY Opinion: All teachers should receive cultural competency training and the education department should have an office of culturally responsive education, writes Letitia James, New York City’s public advocate. New York Daily News 

CHARTER SCHOOL Regina Johnson, who grew up in Far Rockaway, wants to start a charter school in her old neighborhood. New York Post

TESTING TIME Students allegedly cheated throughout the PSAT at Dewitt Clinton high school. New York Post

MORE SPACE Staten Island is expecting the city to add hundreds of new school seats in the coming years. Staten Island Advance

JANUS CASE Opinion: If unions lose the Janus case, they should become professional associations that have long-term plans for fighting for higher pay and better working conditions, writes Daniel Weisberg, CEO of TNTP. New York Daily News

PENSION FUND The city’s budget includes a 8.25 percent return on a pension fund that covers school principals. New York Post

HEAD INJURY A father is trying to figure out what happened to his son, who suffered a head injury at his Bronx school. New York Post

SICK STUDENTS A mother is suing the education department for failing to protect her child from tuberculosis at pre-K. New York Post

LET TEACHERS TEACH Editorial: There are many reasons that it is a bad idea to arm teachers. New York Times

ME TOO Charter school supporters and observers are grappling with the firing of KIPP’s co-founder Mike Feinberg. Chalkbeat