Rise & Shine: New York City is looking to reach younger learners

(VERY) EARLY EDUCATION When Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his proposal to extend pre-K to 3-year-olds, he also called for the Department of Education to take over programs that reach children as young as six weeks old. Chalkbeat

COURSE CORRECTION Chancellor Carmen Fariña suggested changes to high school admissions may be in the works at a City Council hearing saying, “we’re reconsidering how some enrollment is done.” Chalkbeat

FREE LUNCH Fariña will issue instructions to all principals to give lunch to students even if they can’t pay for it. New York Daily News

HOMELESS CRISIS Families are often placed in shelters far from their communities, according to a new report from the Center for New York City Affairs at the New School. DNAinfo 

EXCELSIOR How does New York’s free college tuition plan differ from the program in Tennessee? For one thing, it has more fine print and less support. Chalkbeat

IMMIGRATION FEARS Fariña said that an incident where immigration agents show up at a school “won’t happen again.” New York Daily News

State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia said she supports efforts to keep federal immigration officials out of city schools in a meeting with the Daily News Editorial Board. New York Daily News

Fears are running so high that many quickly assumed ICE agents paid a visit to the school, even though that was not the case. New York Times

Editorial: The way the de Blasio administration handled the incident caused “needless panic.” New York Post

GUEST APPEARANCE Elia spoke at a charter school rally, drawing criticism from the teachers union. New York Daily News

JUST A WARNING Some are concerned about a policy of issuing a warning card to students for some low-level offenses. CBS New York

DEPUTY DISCUSSION A deputy chancellor will speak about special education reforms in Staten Island on Wednesday night. Staten Island Advance

THE DRAWBACKS Opinion: An academic program coordinator at CUNY explains why he thinks the Excelsior Scholarship is “supremely flawed.” Inside Higher Ed

PARKING PROBLEM A principal warns that de Blasio’s initiative to give parking passes to school teachers and staff will lead to “misuse.” New York Post

De Blasio downplayed some concerns about the parking permits. amNY

NEW ROLE The controversial principal of Central Park East stepped down. DNAinfo

SCHOOL FIGHT A student slashed a peer with a razor blade at a high school in Queens, according to officials. DNAinfo