Rise & Shine: New York City sent only 41 unassigned teachers to schools

Happy Friday! New York City officials planned to place up to 400 unassigned teachers into school openings this fall, but placed only 41, according to new city statistics. The education department official in charge of shrinking the controversial pool of excessed teachers said the city is looking to find placements for more unassigned teachers this school year. Also, advocates are calling on the city to do more to integrate schools.

Plus, Chalkbeat stories from around the nation this week provide an in-depth look at educational challenges. The stories include an attempt to create a "portfolio" model for managing schools in Kansas City, a "child care desert" in Denver, and a principal in Detroit working hard to turn around a struggling school.

— Monica

ABSENT TEACHER RESERVE New York City placed 41 teachers from the Absent Teacher Reserve into vacancies, after city officials announced they would carry out a controversial proposal to place teachers into openings potentially over principals’ objections. Chalkbeat, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, NY1

CALL TO ACTION Advocates and lawmakers called on New York City to “be bold” when addressing school segregation and to make sure students of all backgrounds feel welcome in school. Chalkbeat, New York Daily News

HORRIBLE ACT The leader of an after-school program allegedly raped a student from a Bronx middle school. New York Post, NY1, New York Daily News, CBS New York

BOOK REVIEW Opinion: In a review of Eva Moskowitz’s new memoir, the New York Times notes she fails to explore contradictions, such as celebrating her own disobedience while expecting students to follow the rules. New York Times

CS FOR ALL New York City is participating in Computer Science Education Week. Amsterdam News

PORTFOLIO MODEL Kansas City is a case study in how the “portfolio” model for managing schools is being advanced in cities and why some national groups are turning to local actors. Chalkbeat

LITTLE LEARNERS A Denver neighborhood dubbed a “child care desert” is trying to provide important services for families. Chalkbeat

TOUGH TASK Chalkbeat examined the efforts of one Detroit principal trying to save her school despite significant challenges. Chalkbeat