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Rise & Shine: New York City students see their pass rates fall on state Regents exams

Alex and Reema reported on Tuesday that 17 struggling city schools have improved enough on New York metrics to avoid extra state oversight. But several of the schools are still chronically low-performing and need to improve, according to State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia. All of the schools also remain in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Renewal program, which was designed to help schools rapidly improve but has struggled to deliver on that promise. The mayor has said the program’s fate will be determined later this year.

Students in New York City also saw their pass rates on the state’s math and English Regents exams fall, although state officials say the results were owing to the tests becoming harder.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, the journalist who has taken to Twitter this week to sharply criticize parents who oppose the plan to eliminate the SHSAT for the city’s specialized high schools, wished these same parents could hear the students who spoke at a Teens Take Charge forum on Monday about the admissions process. Reema pulled together their comments so everyone could hear what the students had to say in their own words.

— Sara Mosle, New York bureau chief

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