Rise & Shine: New York City students should start sex ed in kindergarten, report says

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There are a set of schools In New York City where admissions are determined by a single test, and where black and Hispanic students are dramatically underrepresented. They aren't specialized high schools, which continue to be the subject of heated debate after Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed to change the way students are accepted into the elite schools.

They are gifted and talented programs.

Some say that integrating gifted programs are key to creating more diverse specialized high schools. But others say gifted programs are part of the problem, and should be eliminated in favor of mixed-ability classrooms.

Plus, there are more revelations around the city's lead-exposure scandal. And a city report says sex ed should start in kindergarten.

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GIFTED GAPS The effort to integrate specialized high schools has some taking a critical look at the city’s gifted programs, which also admit students based on a single test and enroll few black and Hispanic students. While some say the city should focus on integrating gifted programs to promote more diversity at specialized high schools, others say the programs are part of the problem and should be eliminated. Chalkbeat

READY OR NOT A former principal of Stuyvesant says she is worried about a proposal to change admissions at the city’s elite specialized high schools. “If you actually send students who are going to have trouble doing the work, we may end up hurting the kids,” she said. Wall Street Journal

A Stuyvesant graduate who now works for Uber says that the city’s specialized high schools are so segregated that students there are harmed “emotionally and psychologically.” New York Daily News

UNLEADED The city didn’t follow federal reporting rules for when children are found to have high levels of lead in their blood.  New York Post

BIRDS AND BEES A new city report recommends starting sex ed for younger students, and calls on schools to address LGBTQ issues better. New York Daily News

SUIT SAYS An East New York student claims in a lawsuit that a school counselor told her to “move on” after reporting that she was raped by a classmate off campus. New York Daily News, New York Post

CLASS OF ’68 The New Dorp High School class of 1968 will celebrate its 50th reunion this fall. Staten Island Advance

THE WINNER IS… A Staten Island teen won a prestigious scholarship and is heading to Harvard. Staten Island Advance

NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS A look at the New York City neighborhoods that are home to jails finds that some are close to schools. City Limits