Rise & Shine: New York City’s budget includes influx for school accessibility

Good morning! There were several education items in the city's budget deal, including funding to improve access to schools for students with physical disabilities and an increase in the number of social workers helping homeless students. Plus, as this year's session comes to a close, Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan proposed a teacher evaluation overhaul — but it comes with strings attached. The powerful lawmaker also wants to boost the number of charter schools that can open in New York City and weaken oversight of yeshivas.

Also, Success Academy is fighting the city over space for its charter schools and the debate about Mayor Bill de Blasio's proposed changes to specialized high school admissions continues.

— Monica

CITY BUDGET The city’s budget deal includes $150 million over the next three years to improve school access for students with disabilities. Chalkbeat

TEACHER EVALUATION As this year’s session winds down, Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan is proposing a repeal of the current teacher evaluation law in addition to increasing the charter school cap. Chalkbeat, Newsday

SUCCESS ACADEMY Success Academy officials are fighting for space for a Brooklyn middle school. New York Daily News

Editorial: The mayor’s inability to provide the charter network space amounts to a move to “toss middle-schoolers onto the street.” New York Post

HOW DO THEY DO? Girls that get into specialized high schools outperform boys, according to a 74 analysis. The 74

NEW SCHOOL A Staten Island charter school just approved by the Board of Regents is expected to help students with dyslexia. Staten Island Advance

DIPLOMA DEBATE What it takes to earn a high school diploma in New York has changed over the years. Buffalo News, Chalkbeat (May)

TESTING TESTING Opinion: While everyone focuses on the entrance exam for schools like Stuyvesant, they miss the fact that once students are admitted, tests form the “backbone” of the high school experience. Gotham Gazette

AFTER GRADUATION Opinion: Many charter schools send students to top colleges. New York Daily News

DIFFERENT SOLUTION Opinion: The mayor should increase the number of seats at specialized high schools. New York Daily News

ADMISSIONS PLAN Opinion: The mayor’s plan to diversify specialized high schools is misguided. Wall Street Journal