Rise & Shine: New York State Education Department submits its budget wish list

MORE MONEY As the legislative session nears, the Board of Regents has asked for an additional $2.1 billion in education funding. The proposal calls for a three-year phase-in of “foundation aid,” which is meant for districts with high-needs students. Chalkbeat

The state Education Department is also asking for $12.4 million to develop native-language exams and $8 million for project-based assessments. Chalkbeat

DECISION DAY The only school in New York threatened with a state takeover, J.H.S 162 Lola Rodriguez de Tio, may learn its fate today. The city has until Tuesday night to submit a plan for the Bronx middle school, which has gotten conflicting reviews from the city and state in terms of its performance and improvement. Chalkbeat

CHANGE OF PLANS The city has dropped a plan to merge two schools in Harlem. Parents had complained about the short notice they received regarding the proposal, and the head of the local Community Education Council hinted recently that a vote to rezone the schools would not pass. New York Times

GO GIRL The principal of an all-girls high school in Astoria wants to prepare her students to shatter glass ceilings in a global economy. DNAinfo

SPACE FIGHT Charter network leaders are continuing their fight for space, saying Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration is delaying and appealing decisions on where their schools can go. NY1

SCIENCE STANDARDS New York State officials gave preliminary approval for a new set of science standards that are meant to emphasize deeper understanding over rote memorization. Wall Street Journal

SPECIAL SCHOOL Plans are underway for a Staten Island charter school to serve students with dyslexia. Staten Island Advance

ED SPENDING New research suggests “money really does matter” when it comes to education budgets and student outcomes. New York Times