Rise & Shine: Parent claims student data is being improperly disclosed to aid charter school recruitment

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Should city officials be allowed to share student data to help charter schools recruit? That question is the subject of a parent complaint to the U.S. Department of Education, and critics say the data sharing process violates student privacy. But city officials disagree, arguing that they're allowed to share information under certain circumstances.

Also in today's roundup: Mayor de Blasio has pointed to rezoning on the Upper West Side as an example of school integration efforts. But a year after the new zones were approved, the evidence that schools are becoming less segregated is mixed.


STUDENT PRIVACY A parent filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education that argues the city improperly shared student information to help with charter school recruitment — a claim city officials denied. Chalkbeat

MIXED RESULTS A year after an Upper West Side education council redrew elementary school zone lines — part of an effort to integrate the neighborhood’s schools and reduce overcrowding — the impact on school segregation has been mixed. New York Times

RIP The family of a toddler with a dairy allergy who died when his Harlem preschool served him a grilled cheese sandwich set up a crowdfunding campaign to help defray funeral costs — and vowed to ‘keep fighting.’ New York Daily News, New York Post, PIX 11

In response to the tragedy, the city sent a letter to nearly 400 EarlyLearn sites reiterating guidelines for handling food allergies. New York Daily News

TEACHERS OF COLOR Education officials are trying to persuade more teachers of color to enter the classroom, but they are still significantly underrepresented in the city’s teaching force. WNYC

PLACING TEACHERS Opinion: The charter sector’s plan to create its own certification process is preferable to the district’s approach: filling teacher vacancies with those from the Absent Teacher Reserve. New York Post

LETTER TO THE EDITOR “Under new rules that permit charter schools to certify their own teachers, would-be teachers will receive insufficient hours of instruction and minimal supervised practice,” writes Susan Fuhrman, president of Teachers College. New York Times 

ENGLISH LEARNERS Opinion: The state should reverse a regulation that would give English language learners less English instruction. Gotham Gazette

BIG PROMISES Editorial: Mayor Bill de Blasio promised to overhaul the education system in his second term to make it fairer. But the mayor’s record suggests he’s not interested in sweeping change. New York Post

CAR TROUBLE Port Richmond High School Principal Oneatha Swinton is under scrutiny for potentially using a connection with a city vendor to pay less for car insurance. New York Post, Staten Island Advance

HEALTH CONCERNS A teacher at Stuyvesant High School said a disproportionate number of his colleagues were killed by cancer, a potential side effect of toxins linked to the 9/11 attacks. New York Post

HANDS ON Parent involvement ticked up last year measured by statistics such as parent-teacher conference attendance. New York Daily News

STUDENT TEACHERS Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña visited Richard R. Green High School, a program that gives students a head start in pursuing teaching careers. ABC 7

ABUSE RESPONSE Chancellor Fariña vowed to remove additional staff members “if it is necessary” at Brooklyn’s It Takes a Village Academy after reports that multiple students were sexually assaulted by other students in the building. ABC 7