Rise & Shine: School spending takes center stage in New York governor’s race

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Well before launching her bid for governor, Cynthia Nixon got herself arrested while protesting for more school funding. So it should be no surprise that education spending has become a cornerstone of her campaign, even as her opponent Gov. Andrew Cuomo argues that he has boosted school budgets by 35 percent.

At the center of the political battle is a decades-old lawsuit that advocates say entitles schools to $4 billion. For a quick history lesson on all the legal wrangling, here's a Chalkbeat timeline.

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MONEY MATTERS Gov. Andrew Cuomo has touted state increases in education spending. But Cynthia Nixon, who is taking on the incumbent in the gubernatorial election, says schools are still owed millions of dollars and wants to spend more on education through taxes on millionaires and corporations. Politico

The fight centers on a decades-old lawsuit and a settlement that created a school funding formula to make spending more fair. Here’s a quick history of the legal wrangling. Chalkbeat (March 2018)

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