Rise & Shine: Should community schools be seen as an academic turnaround strategy?

INPUTS AND OUTCOMES New York City has poured millions into community schools, which provide social services to children. Former U.S. Secretary of Education John King recently told Chalkbeat he believes in the approach, but he cautioned against using community schools as an academic turnaround strategy. Chalkbeat

SUMMER IN THE CITY The percentage of students who are mandated to attend summer school continues to decline. Chalkbeat

STUDY SHOWS Opinion: New York City charter schools showed impressive learning gains in a recent study. New York Daily News (Chalkbeat’s previous coverage of the study is here and here.)

HOMETOWN HERO The principal of Boys and Girls High School in Bedford-Stuyvesant is a Hometown Heroes nominee for leading the school where she started her teaching career. New York Daily News

Also in the running: Tisha Gomez, a teacher at School of Cooperative Technical Education on the Upper East Side, where she shows students how to make eyeglasses that are then given to fellow students. New York Daily News

TAKING ATTENDANCE State Assembly Member Robert Rodriguez missed last week’s vote on mayoral control, which has become an issue in his race for New York City council. New York Daily News

MAKING THE GRADE? Education department officials say they will investigate complaints of grade fixing at Secondary School for Journalism in Brooklyn. New York Post 

Opinion: Grade-fixing in high schools is “is alive and well” and inflates graduation rates. New York Post

HIGH HOPES Opinion: As part of the fallout from last-minute negotiations over mayoral control over city schools, a deal is reportedly in the works between Mayor Bill de Blasio’s team and the charter sector. But it remains to be seen whether the “olive branch proves real.” New York Post

A DIFFERENT PATH In the fight over mayoral control, de Blasio took “the path of nonaggression” in dealing with Gov. Andrew Cuomo. New York Times

WAITING GAME Opinion: Children who are on the waiting lists for New York City charter schools were the “losers” in the latest mayoral control deal. Wall Street Journal 

RETIREMENT PAY A former New York City teacher has filed a class action lawsuit over how pensions are calculated. New York Post