Rise & Shine: Six new charter schools could open in NYC

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Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to integrate eight of the city's top high schools continues to dominate the news — though probably not in the ways City Hall hoped. In the days after the announcement last week, the mayor struggled to keep momentum going for his plan, few top surrogates came out to defend it, and state lawmakers punted its most crucial elements to next session.

Later this morning, the state's top education policymakers are set to vote on six new charter schools in New York City that could open in the fall of 2019. But their approval is far from certain: Although the board has approved more charter schools than in years past, the Regents rejected two charter schools last November.

Also on the Regents agenda: A discussion of how federal regulations could affect funding for schools where many students opt out state tests — and broader conversations about school integration and graduation requirements.


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