Rise & Shine: Success Academy cancels pre-K program after losing contract dispute

CANCELED CLASSES The Success Academy charter school network has canceled its pre-kindergarten program for next year after losing a contract dispute with the city and state. Unlike every other New York City charter network that offers publicly funded pre-K, Success had refused to sign the city’s pre-K contract, arguing that the city does not have the authority to regulate its programs. Chalkbeat, Politico New York, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, New York Post, NY1

DRAMA AT BOYS AND GIRLS Chancellor Carmen Fariña defended the “master principal” who oversees troubled Boys and Girls High School and Medgar Evers College Preparatory School in Brooklyn after it was revealed that he is considering leaving both schools. The principal, Michael Wiltshire, is under investigation at one of the schools. Chalkbeat

Wiltshire is considering taking a position at a Long Island high school. New York Times, Chalkbeat (May 31)

SHOW YOUR WORK The state released 75 percent of this year’s math and English exams on Wednesday — a larger share of questions and an earlier release date than in the past that were meant to quell the backlash against the tests. Chalkbeat, Politico New York, Schoolbook

COMPUTER SCIENCE FOR ALL New York City’s plan for every student to learn computer science will expand by 207 schools next academic year, and for the first time will include elementary schools, officials said Wednesday. Chalkbeat, New York Daily News

BACKGROUND CHECK The city is paying $77 million to community-based organizations to provide social services at its lowest performing schools, but workers at some of those organizations have been involved in misconduct in the past. New York Post

LUNCH ADVOCATE Celebrity chef Rachael Ray is urging New York City to provide free lunches to all school children. DNAinfo

SHOCKING SCAM After using a $1.5 million donation to fund new technology and Broadway tickets, a Brooklyn high school learned that the gift was fake. New York Post

SCHOOL SAFETY A 13-year-old boy brought a 5-inch kitchen knife to his Brooklyn middle school, possibly to use in a fight with another student. New York Daily News

FINGER POINTING Editorial: The Post argued that the city’s 241-page contract was to blame for Success Academy’s decision to cancel its pre-K program. New York Post