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Rise & Shine: What will the state Senate elections mean for schools?

Good morning! In the never-ending saga that is Albany politics, the Democrats picked up two key seats in the Senate on Tuesday night. The victories give Democrats a numerical majority in the Senate, but there's an important catch. Brooklyn Democrat Simcha Felder says he will continue caucusing with Republicans, which will allow the GOP to retain power in the chamber at least until the end of the session.

We broke down what all the fireworks could mean for education policy. Though Felder's announcement makes it unlikely that anything major will shift this year, if the Democrats continue to pick up seats in November, there could be important consequences for school funding, undocumented students, discipline policies, and charter schools.

Also, the giant high school fair that takes place every year at Brooklyn Technical High School will be split into smaller fairs in each borough. Here is Chalkbeat's look at the chaos of the annual high school fair.

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DECISION 2018 The Democrats picked up two key state Senate seats Tuesday, leading to a technical majority of Democrats in the chamber. Politico New York, NY1, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, New York Post

But in a move that will make it difficult to pass Democratic agenda items, Democratic Senator Simcha Felder said he will continue to caucus with Republicans. New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Post, Vox

Here’s what you need to know about what Tuesday’s elections mean for education. Chalkbeat

HIGH SCHOOL ADMISSIONS New York City’s massive high school fair will be split into smaller events in each borough. New York Daily News

Chalkbeat spent two days at the high school fair last year. Here’s a look at what we found. Chalkbeat

PAID LEAVE The city’s teachers union is calling for teachers to have paid parental leave. Staten Island Advance

SCHOOL SAFETY Two school shooting threats were made against a high school in Harlem, but police said the threats were not credible, according to school officials. New York Daily News

Schools in New York City have been experiencing more threats and lockdowns in the wake of Florida’s school shooing. New York Daily News

SUCCESS STORY Editorial: Congratulations are in order for Success Academy’s chess team, which won a national championship. New York Post