Rise & Shine: Why did state test scores jump?

UNDERSTANDING THE SPIKE A big increase in state test scores has been a bit of a Rorschach test in New York City, with several education interest groups claiming credit. So what really caused the increase? We take a look at the possible causes and the evidence for each. Chalkbeat

Some advocates are questioning whether test scores rose because the state lowered the raw score needed to pass. New York Daily News

In 2015, third grade students needed 34 out of 55 points to pass the English test, while in 2016 they needed 28 out of 47 points, according to the Post. New York Post

A HARVARD SOLUTION A program that sends Harvard grads into struggling New York City schools is trying to better prepare new teachers by easing students into the classroom and giving them significant support and mentorship. Chalkbeat

PAY DAY Faculty and professional staff at CUNY agreed to a new contract that includes a salary increase. Staten Island Advance, New York Daily News

SURVEY SAYS More then half of New York City parents said they would prefer to send their child to a charter school, according to a recent poll by Quinnipiac University. The 74

THE CHARTER JUMP Charter school leaders are asking the city to pay more attention to the increase in charter school test scores. Business Insider

COUP AND CHARTER SCHOOLS Some charter schools in New Jersey and upstate New York might have ties to a man involved in Turkey’s political unrest. Schoolbook