Rise & Shine: Work from several Chalkbeat bureaus named as finalists for Education Writers Association awards

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone!

 A working paper from the RAND Corporation, which examined the city's Renewal school turnaround program and which the education department has kept under wraps, was finally made public Friday evening, Alex reported. He described the paper's findings in depth and explained what they say (and don't) about the $773 million program that was once a signature initiative of Mayor Bill de Blasio and is now being wound down.

Christina also revealed for the first time on Friday the estimated $438 million price tag to bring pay parity to the city’s community-based pre-k teachers, who often work longer hours and receive less pay than their counterparts in public schools. The amount is likely to become a starting point for negotiations for thousands of pre-k teachers who are threatening to strike.

And Reema has a preview of the Board of Regents meeting on Monday and Tuesday in Albany, where members will be discussing spending plans for schools across the state in the wake of last month's budget deal.

The New York bureau also extends its congratulations to our Chalkbeat colleagues whose stories were honored Friday as finalists for a 2018 Education Writers Association Award: Chalkbeat Chicago’s Adeshina Emmanuel for “Feature Writing,” Chalkbeat Detroit’s Erin Einhorn for “Beat Reporting,” and Chalkbeat Newark’s Patrick Wall for “Public Service” (for a joint project with Annie Waldman, Lena Groeger, Ryann Grochowski Jones, and David Eads of ProPublica and Erica L. Green of The New York Times).

Chalkbeat is also proud to have moved up this year, in the EWA’s eyes, from a small news organization to a medium-sized one — an exciting sign of just how fast and well Chalkbeat is growing! But don’t just read our reporting — all the finalists’ work is worth your time and can be found here.

— Sara Mosle, New York bureau chief

PUBLIC ACCESS An examination of the city’s Renewal school turnaround program that the city has kept under wraps was finally made available to the public on Friday. Chalkbeat

OPENING BID As some pre-k teachers weigh a strike, a new estimate puts the cost of boosting their pay to bring it line with other pre-k teachers in the city at $438 million. Chalkbeat, New York Magazine

SPENDING PLAN In the wake of a state budget deal, the Board of Regents will be meeting to discuss education spending in New York schools. Chalkbeat

LEFT OUT Students whose families live in some of the poorest neighborhoods in the South Bronx and central Brooklyn were among those least likely to receive an admissions offer from the city’s specialized high schools, according to city data. The New York Daily News

DISTRICT DISPARITY New York City school districts with the largest black and Hispanic enrollment offer the fewest programs for gifted and talented children, city data show. The New York Post

LIFTED BAN A judge has ruled against a move in one New York county to ban those under age 18 who have not been vaccinated against measles from public spaces to contain an outbreak. The Epoch Times, The Washington Post

MAKING AN APPEAL Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris pitched her proposal to increase teacher pay in the city on Friday, saying her plan could help attract more black teachers to the profession. Buzzfeed

THE CAT’S MEOW Students at a school in Brooklyn helped rescue a cat stuck on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on Friday after they spotted the feline from their classroom windows. Patch

MOURNING Tributes to a slain Staten Island teacher will greet students, parents, and staff as they arrive at school on Monday. SI Live