Rise & Shine: Here’s what you need to know about Tennessee’s latest voucher proposal

VOUCHERS Chalkbeat explains what you need to know about Tennessee’s latest voucher proposal that aims to launch a pilot program in Memphis. Chalkbeat

HOW I TEACH An art teacher at Caldwell-Guthrie Elementary School explains her teaching style and how she incorporates life lessons into art class. Chalkbeat

STAY THE COURSE Tennessee’s education department will not be affected by the U.S. Senate’s efforts to rescind federal rules that critics say took control away from state and local governments in implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act. The Tennessean

RECOGNITION Gov. Bill Haslam signs a proclamation designating March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. Greenville Sun

SHOW ME THE MONEY Conversations about school construction money die before they can begin ahead of a joint meeting with the Hamilton County commissioners and school board members. Times Free Press

Hamilton County school board members discuss how they can budget more strategically and demonstrate their need for more funds, which has been rejected by county commissioners in recent years. Times Free Press

HOME AND SCHOOL A Hamilton County high school expands its offerings as a community school to provide more holistic services for its students. Times Free Press

NEW PARTNERSHIP A Nashville private school opens up its science summer program to public school students. The Tennessean

COMMUNITY INPUT A former principal at Jackson Central-Merry High School returns for second interview to lead the district after working for National Institute for School Leaders based in Washington, D.C. The Jackson Sun

OPINION Don’t educators have better ways to deal with trouble-making 5-year-olds? The Commercial Appeal