News alert: Bill Lee is Tennessee’s next governor. Here’s how he’ll begin to shape education.

Tennessee, meet your new governor. What does he have to say about education?

Republican businessman Bill Lee promised to bring “fresh ideas” on public education to Tennessee, and he’ll now get the chance as the state’s 50th governor. For 16 years and through two administrations, Tennessee has had the same general blueprint for improving education. Will Lee stay the course? What does he think about school choice and vouchers? How can the state get testing right? We asked him all these questions and more.

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While Lee won’t take office until Jan. 19, the transition to his new administration will start immediately. Among critical early steps are picking his education commissioner, developing his first budget, and mapping out his legislative strategy. His administration will cast the vision for policies that will affect about a million public school students, a third of whom come from low-income families. We break down how Lee and the state of Tennessee are preparing for the transition.

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(Photo: Ned Jilton II/Kingsport Times-News)