Rise & Shine: Tennessee’s completed schools plan is finally out. Here’s what insiders are saying.

ESSA After weeks of teasers, Tennessee releases the first draft of its K-12 education plan with the potential to reshape the state’s 1,800 public schools. The state is now seeking public feedback. ChalkbeatThe Tennessean

ASD EXIT KIPP Memphis announces that it’s scaling back its work with Tennessee’s school turnaround district and will exit one of its middle schools after May. Chalkbeat

NO RENT A Memphis City Council member has dropped a controversial plan to charge Shelby County Schools rent for using city properties. The Commercial Appeal

PAYROLL ISSUES Maury County Public Schools holds a meeting following an uproar when teachers, support staff and bus drivers of the school system did not receive their regularly scheduled paychecks before one of the largest shopping weekends of the year. Columbia Daily Herald

SEAT BELTS A Tennessee company that operates buses for charter schools in Nashville says it plans to add seat belts to its entire fleet in response to a fatal bus crash in Chattanooga that left six children dead. The Associated Press

PARENT ADVOCACY Memphis Lift leader battles NAACP over charter schools. Education Week

MEMPHIS INFLUENCE Tulsa, Okla.’s school district is partnering with a nonprofit to design a school informed by the practices of Gestalt Community Schools in Memphis. Tulsa World

WHOLE CHILD Tennessee, Minnesota, Colorado and Indiana are among the states spending more money on school counselors this year, heading research on educating the “whole child.” Education Week

ALABAMA SPLIT Since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that separate is not equal, some 60 years ago, federal courts have kept an eye on specific school districts across the country that showed a tendency toward segregation. One of those districts is Jefferson County, Ala., where a mostly white city is trying to pull out of its mostly black school district. nprED