Rise & Shine: We read all 279 pages of reports about grade changes in Memphis. Here are five big takeaways.

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We read all 279 pages of reports into grade changing at Shelby County Schools. Our big takeaways include:

1) Some of the allegations have merit;

2) District leaders weren’t caught totally off guard.

And we've got three more learnings in our lead story.

Happy reading! Caroline, community editor

DIGGING IN Reports detailing how grades were falsified at Trezevant High School have called into question whether grade changes happening at other Memphis high schools are legitimate. Here’s what you should know. Chalkbeat

FOLLOWING THE MONEY  The state comptroller reports that, despite widespread misallocations, school systems are receiving roughly what they’re supposed to under Tennessee’s funding formula for public education. Chalkbeat

BOOSTING LITERACY A new nonprofit organization says educators must be better trained to recognize and teach students with learning disorders like dyslexia if they are to raise reading proficiency throughout Memphis. Chalkbeat

BOOKS AND HOOPS A nationwide push that uses college basketball as a platform to improve literacy rates got its start at a Memphis high school. High Ground News

BIG CONCERNS Issues of equity, school funding, student health and well-being, and school resources are among the biggest concerns facing Hamilton County community members, according to surveys gathered by a local education nonprofit organization. Times Free Press

NATIONAL RANK Tennessee and Georgia are among the top 12 states in the nation when it comes to state teacher policies and ensuring quality teachers, according to a new report. Times Free Press

ACT WOES Tennessee is investigating ACT Inc. after controversy over student test scores. The Washington Post

DROPOUT RATES  The new “Beneath the Surface: State of Higher Education in Tennessee” report indicates a 25 decrease in adult enrollment since 2011, among other findings. The Associated Press, The Tennessean

NEW YEAR Hamilton County Schools will form a committee to revise its school calendar. Times Free Press

ACTIVE More than 120 elementary students showed their strengths this week in Blount County Schools’ Academic Olympics. The Daily Times