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After massive leadership turnover, new deputies are named

A month after taking over a Department of Education hemorrhaging its leadership, Chancellor Dennis Walcott today announced a slew of high-level appointments. For two deputy chancellor slots, Walcott turned to veteran educators who made their careers in the city schools. David Weiner, a one-time city principal who is currently Philadelphia's chief accountability officer, will become deputy chancellor for talent, labor, and innovation. In that position, he will manage hot-button issues including labor relations and the city's Innovation Zone of schools experimenting with technology. The founding principal of PS 503 in Brooklyn, Weiner succeeds John White, who took over the Recovery School District in New Orleans at the beginning of May. A 30-year veteran of the city school system, Dorita Gibson will take on a newly created position, deputy chancellor for equity and access. She will supervise District 79, the network of alternative schools previously headed by Cami Anderson, who was named Newark's next schools chief last week. District 79 will still get a new superintendent, according to DOE spokeswoman Natalie Ravitz. Gibson will also lead initiatives that "focus on ending long-standing racial, ethnic and socioeconomic disparities and directing supports to communities most in need," according to the city's press release. Some of those initiatives previously fell under the purview of Santiago Taveras, the deputy chancellor for engagement who departed for the private sector earlier this year. The appointments signal that Walcott is moving to stabilize the department, which has experienced rapid leadership change at the top since ex-Chancellor Joel Klein left at the end of last year. They also confirm Walcott's intention to continue policies established during Klein's tenure while also asserting new priorities.