Coronavirus and schools: All of our latest coverage

The coronavirus outbreak is changing the daily reality for schools and students across the country. We’re working to help you keep track of what’s happening. Here’s the latest. 

🔗The big picture

Schools will not have to administer federally required tests this year, President Trump and the U.S. Department of Education announced Friday — an unprecedented but unsurprising move in the wake of widespread school closures due to the new coronavirus.

Also in testing news: Students in Advanced Placement classes will be able to take the end-of-course exams, the College Board announced — but the tests will look very different than usual.

Meanwhile, the federal education department told school districts they should not avoid online instruction because of legal concerns about serving students with disabilities.

Thank you to the hundreds of you who have already told us what school closures in the era of coronavirus mean for your life. We’d love to hear more.

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