As laws targeting LGBTQ students proliferate across the U.S., school staffers who oppose the measures must decide: Do they obey the new rules or resist?

Nearly half the states fund school-based health centers. Yet keeping them open is a constant challenge, and some want Congress to do more.

Multiple Republican-led states have created or expanded private school choice this year. 

Democrats are starting to push back against Republicans’ “parents’ rights” message, but it’s unclear whether the counterattack will work or last.

Board members acknowledged the larger issue would likely be settled by the Supreme Court, with implications for the separation of church and state.

The proposal would not allow K-12 schools to establish across-the-board bans.

Guns have been brandished or fired on school grounds more than 230 times this academic year. Can schools enhance security without turning campuses into fortresses?

The bills would make it easier for schools to remove disruptive students.

Train paraprofessionals and parents, carve out class time, and be wary of virtual programs.