Is your school one of Chicago’s highest rated? Find new scores here.

Chicago Public Schools just released a trove of new data. New numbers include the latest enrollment counts and ratings for each of the district’s 642 schools.

The most sought-after rating for a Chicago school is a Level-1 plus. Chicago has 13 fewer of them this year compared with the year before, according to the data.

Meanwhile, 1 in 5 schools is considered a low performer — in the bottom two rankings — which is about the same as the previous year.

Schools rated Level 1-plus, Level 1, and Level 2-plus are considered in “good standing,” while Level 2 schools are marked for “provisional support,” and Level 3 schools, the lowest ranked, qualify for “intensive support.”

Use the database below to look up your school and see the 2018-2019 rating, plus how many points it scored in the ratings system. The district’s rating system, known as SQRP, factors test scores, academic growth, graduation rates, attendance, and a school climate survey given annually to parents and teachers. The higher the score, the higher a school’s rating.