New data just dropped that shows slight Chicago gains. See how your school stacks up nationally in reading and math.

Chicago Public Schools officials on Wednesday announced results for a national test called NWEA, which city students take each year. A school’s NWEA scores determine a big part of its quality rating, meaning that a district’s top-rated schools generally have stronger scores. See how the district fared overall here. 

And while Chicago students overall showed gains in math and some flatlined scores in reading, there is a wide variance in scores among individual schools. Besides contributing to schools’ quality ratings, the NWEA scores for individual students are a factor in eighth-graders’ applications to selective-enrollment high schools and other competitive programs.

Use the tool below to search for your school and compare it to up to six others. The national attainment percentiles are the percentages of students who score at or above the national average for their grade level. The national school growth percentile offers a comparison of how a school’s growth percentages compare to national averages for schools with the same pretest score. A score above 50 signals a school’s growth is outpacing the national average.

2018 CPS NWEA Score Look-up Tool

National Attainment Percentile is set at 50.