We asked Jeffco school board candidates nine questions. Here’s what they said.

This November, Jeffco voters will decide on two new board members for the county school district.

Two candidates are running for a seat representing District 3, and two others are running to represent District 4. The current board directors holding those seats, Amanda Stevens and Ali Lasell, are not seeking re-election.

In Jeffco, although candidates must live in a director district in which they run for office, all Jeffco voters get to vote in all races.

To help voters learn more about the candidates, Chalkbeat sent them each questions about important issues for the community. Below are their responses, which have been lightly edited for clarity.

To use our survey, readers can select a specific race, then click on candidates’ names to show or hide their responses.

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Two candidates, Stephanie Schooley for District 3 and Joan Chávez-Lee for District 4, have received support from the teachers union, including large monetary contributions. Check out our tracker to see how much each candidate is raising.