Detroit students, parents and educators: Tell us what you learned this school year

In Detroit, it’s been an eventful school year filled with ups and downs. And as the year draws to a close, many of our readers are reflecting on lessons learned both inside and outside the classroom.

The year started with a lot of drama, as Detroit’s main school district shut down water fountains over fears about contamination. Teachers in the district spent the year coping with a new curriculum, which has caused some growing pains.

Some students and teachers faced unexpected school closures, which have forced parents to travel from school to school attempting to find a stable learning environment for their children.

Meanwhile, a long-running lawsuit charging the state with depriving Detroit students of their right to literacy continues to wind through the courts.

We’ve learned a lot about schools from you all, and we want to know what you’ve learned this school year. 

Share your lessons with us, and we’ll plan to post a selection of the responses to wrap this school year up.