On Chicago:

  • The Chicago strike is forging on, after a court denied a city bid to quickly end it early. (Chicago Tribune)
  • Jezebel says there are three ways those talking about the Chicago strike are getting it wrong.
  • A Chicago private school teachers explains why she supports the striking teachers. (Chicago Tribune)
  • CTU leader Karen Lewis “is now the most important black labor leader in the country.” (The Nation)
  • Juan Gonzalez: The strike is a testament to Lewis’s skills as a union leader. (Daily News)
  • New York teacher and parent activists weigh in on the strike’s meaning for others. (NYC PS Parents)
  • A retired teacher examines the possible contents of the contract being hammered out. (Norm’s Notes)
  • Kahlenberg: the strike could catalyze a change in tone for education reformers. (The New Republic)
  • Striking teachers take a break to sing “When There’s a Contract — Call Me, Maybe” (YouTube)
And beyond:
  • Special education advocates call the city’s new reforms “a work in progress.” (Insideschools)
  • The potential cost of free college in the city, per the Kalamazoo Promise? $20 billion. (6th Floor)
  • Harlem Village Academy’s Deborah Kenny comes out against test-based teacher evaluations. (CBS)
  • The High School of Art and Design joined P.S. 59 and Whole Foods in a new building. (DNAinfo)
  • Arne Duncan and Kathleen Sebelius converged on a Denver school’s garden today. (EdNewsCO)
  • An L.A. boy built a cardboard box arcade, raised college funds, and inspired a movement. (Mashable)
  • The latest trend in budget travel: bunking in school buildings converted into inns. (WSJ)