Rise & Shine: Monday, 11/24


  • Schools graded D’s and F’s are more likely to have large black and Latino populations. (Daily News)
  • To stop cheating, Stuyvesant might scan students for cell phones before final exams (New York Post)
  • Geoffrey Canada starts a nonprofit to lobby for renewing mayoral control, with tweaks. (Daily News)
  • Cynthia Nixon co-writes an op/ed saying the Center School fight is not dead yet. (Daily News)
  • Joel Klein is in Australia today to tout a “revolution” planned for schools there. (Adelaide Now)
  • Opposition to the Australia plan has Aussies criticizing New York City’s record of progress. (ABC)


  • Terry Moe hopes that Obama will side with his party’s rebels and fight teachers unions. (WSJ)
  • Finding agreement on the federal role in schools will be a challenge for Obama. (Washington Post)
  • Jay Mathews boosts a retiring Virginia superintendent for Secretary of Education. (Washington Post)
  • 30% of superintendents are increasing class sizes to save money. (Christian Science Monitor)
  • In San Diego, saving by exchanging central bureaucrats for outside consultants. (Voice of San Diego)
  • High school homecoming dances are paring down because of the economy. (New York Times)
  • The Georgia state schools superintendent is filing for bankruptcy. (Times)
  • For the Obama girls, it’s Sidwell Friends, Chelsea Clinton’s private school. (Times)
  • Meanwhile, in D.C. public schools, anti-prostitution lessons. (Washington Post)
  • A move to raise math standards in Virginia. (Washington Post)