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Our mission is to give people the information they need to make smart, informed decisions related to education. Unless otherwise noted, Chalkbeat stories are free to republish through a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. Simply click the “Republish” button on the story you’d like to republish and follow these additional rules:

  • You may not edit the story except to reflect updated references to time (e.g., modifying “today” to “yesterday”), location (e.g., changing “here” to “New York”), or editorial style (if your publication uses honorific titles, for example).
  • If you publish the story online, include all of the story’s links.
  • Include a byline using the following format: by [Firstname] [Lastname], Chalkbeat [Location]. For example: by Christina Veiga, Chalkbeat New York. If the story came from our National desk, please use the following format: by [Firstname] [Lastname], Chalkbeat. For example: by Matt Barnum, Chalkbeat.
  • Please include this line at the top of the story: “This story was originally published by Chalkbeat. Sign up for their newsletters at”.
  • The words “originally published” must link back to the original post on our site.
  • When including the link to the original story, please update the link URL to include rel=”canonical”. For example: <a href=”URL” rel=”canonical”>Story headline</a>
  • Any photos or other media credited to Chalkbeat may be republished as long as you provide proper credit. You may also run your own photos with the Chalkbeat story. Media from third-party organizations (e.g., Getty Images, Denver Post) require separate permissions from them directly. You are solely responsible for identifying and licensing third-party content. Chalkbeat expressly disclaims any liability arising out of your unauthorized use of third-party content.
  • At the end of the story, include the following line, as seen in the HTML and plain text: “Chalkbeat is a nonprofit news organization covering public education,” with a canonical link back to the original story.
  • For print outlets, the above rules apply except for embedding links. Include our main url — — in the line at the end of the story: “Chalkbeat ( is a nonprofit news organization covering public education.”
  • If you republish in print, please let us know at
  • Chalkbeat is not responsible for content found on blogs, platforms, or websites that reblog or repost content by Chalkbeat. Chalkbeat does not endorse blogs, websites, bloggers, journalists, or writers who reblog or repost works available on Chalkbeat. Chalkbeat does not compensate bloggers, journalists, or writers who reblog or repost works by Chalkbeat. Chalkbeat is not responsible for any mistranslations of Chalkbeat content.
  • Please note that Chalkbeat considers the publication date to be the date marked on the story.
  • If you share the story or a link to the story on social media, please tag us on Twitter and Facebook (@chalkbeat).