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A remote working option for teachers and shared educators between schools are some of the options to address the ‘pain points’ of teaching.

The awards are funded by a $12.5 million trust set up by an anonymous donor couple.

The play will show throughout All-Star Weekend, highlighting how one Indianapolis Public Schools basketball team made history as the nation struggled with civil rights.

The theme of the March 1 event co-hosted by Chalkbeat Indiana in Indianapolis is: “From Lesson Plan to New Plan.”

Legislation would establish education on government and good citizenship as early as kindergarten.

Indiana AG said officials must show that materials posted to ‘Eyes on Education’ were not and are not used or shared.

The demand is the latest development in an ongoing divide between IPS and the charter school community.

A bill that would have dramatically expanded school choice in the state failed to move forward but will likely return in 2025.

The website includes examples of “inappropriate” lessons or policies in 13 Indiana districts and one university, but districts say those are inaccurate.

The new metal detectors make Lawrence Township the second district in Marion County this school year to announce school security enhancements.

The bill could put an end to future legal disputes over the state’s so-called $1 law, which Indianapolis Public Schools and the attorney general’s office have interpreted differently.

But they say more study is needed to find solutions to bring older students back to schools.

The legislation marks the latest effort by state legislators to shape how schools approach topics related to sex and sexuality.

An Indianapolis lawmaker’s bid to increase charter school transparency comes after a federal indictment of former leaders of two virtual schools.

The decline in the share of waivers given to students seeking a diploma coincides with a push by state legislators to curb their use.

Lawmakers have filed bills on cell phones and other classroom disruptions to deal with teachers’ growing concerns.

The federal investigation of the two virtual charter schools required a review of hundreds of bank accounts, officials say

One bill would allow public schools could hire chaplains to serve as counselors, while another would require schools to release students for religious instruction at their parents' request.

The former school leaders inflated enrollment numbers and in some cases used the corresponding state funds for personal purchases, federal prosecutors say.

The bill would mean big changes for Indiana education, but it’s on hold till next year.

The legislation has support from GOP lawmakers and others worried about a recent decline in reading scores.

A new bill would strengthen current requirements for third graders who don’t demonstrate reading skills to repeat a year.

The break leaves the future of Andrew J. Brown Academy up in the air, in a city where the charter community has increasingly prized local control.

One proposal would let students use the money to pay for driver’s licenses so they can commute to job sites.

Eric Jenkins’ love of language shines in his teaching — and his desire to become a better writer himself.

Lawmakers have promised a renewed focus on holding back third graders who can’t read at grade level. They’ll also consider banning cell phones from classrooms and toughening absenteeism laws.

Although the district’s student population fell, the fact that it dipped by less than 1% after six schools closed might be a hopeful sign for the district.

The number of Choice Scholarships grew by about 30% following lawmakers’ decision last year to dramatically expand eligibility for the voucher program.

Chalkbeat Indiana is launching a new texting service with updates about bills affecting schools and students.

The legislation follows a Chalkbeat analysis of charter school accountability that found few guardrails for authorizers in state law.

What did school communities face in 2023? Waning COVID relief funding, rising chronic absenteeism, and ChatGPT controversy, just to name a few.

These are the education issues we’re watching in the new year, from the impact of laws governing school choice and the science of reading to big changes at Indianapolis Public Schools.

Middle school English teacher Nicole Cooper shared a poem at a recent Story Slam event presented by Teachers Lounge Indy and co-hosted by Chalkbeat Indiana.

While lawmakers may seek more enforcement of laws addressing chronic absenteeism, education officials and experts say more nuanced approaches are more effective.

The district acknowledges that it will not sell School 102 amid ongoing litigation, but argued that the court’s order allows it to lease the building under certain circumstances.

The average Marion County teacher pay beat the state average last year, as well as a target figure supported by Gov. Eric Holcomb.