Indiana’s policy climate has led to concerns about lax oversight, yet others say charter performance is what matters.

Teacher Kali Burks shared stories from her first year teaching eighth grade.

The district is encouraging families to ‘Choose Your IPS’ in a bid to keep and attract more students.

Top Indiana lawmakers said the 2024 session would be more ‘measured’ to allow the sweeping changes of the last two years to take effect.

On Friday, a judge agreed to put the sale on hold, at least temporarily, following an objection from Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita.

Attorney General Todd Rokita also wants to prevent the impending sale of Francis Bellamy School 102.

Lawmakers made Choice Scholarships available to most Indiana families last year.

IPS teachers will receive raises based on their evaluations, years of service, and subject area.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita and other state leaders sought to block the proposed deals.

At Circle City Prep’s new cafeteria, fresh produce replaces reheated pizzas, and an on-site chef prepares meals daily.

The district wants to alleviate waitlists and accommodate all pre-K-5 students who need care.

The tentative contract provides extra pay for school psychologists, social workers, and teachers of English as a second language.

Two districts are asking for a new kind of funding to support school safety. 

The new athletic facilities would include a field for track, football, and soccer, as well as new basketball courts.

The Indianapolis mayor’s office has significant influence over public education in Indianapolis, acting as an authorizer for the city’s charter schools.

Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy for his alleged role in the shooting.

The student was walking home from school when he was shot around 1 p.m Friday. He is the fourth teenager to be shot and killed in the past two weeks in the city.

The new program’s associate degrees will be at no cost to most students. If they continue to earn a four-year degree, their costs will be capped at $10,000.

Residents in Hammond will vote next week on continuing a property tax increase to give more money to local schools. For the first time, that includes charter schools.

Perry is the only district in Indiana to receive the Teacher and School Leader grant this year. 

The district is also increasing wages for all other support staff.

The second phase of the massive Rebuilding Stronger reorganization will break up K-8 schools and give families more choices in their area.

Indianapolis Public Schools is one of few area districts that offer free prekindergarten. That could change as federal aid expires.

The share of students earning degrees on time has also grown over the last five years, the state reported.

Three years ago, Meredith Bryant was working in marketing. Now she’s helping students build their own businesses.

The district wants to use some of the funding to expand a student-led program that teaches nonviolence.

The union says it has the right to negotiate the issue. The district says that’s not required under state law.

The theme of the Nov. 16 event in Indianapolis co-hosted by Chalkbeat Indiana is: ‘Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice.’

Indiana districts rely on property taxes to pay teacher salaries and offer academic programs and transportation services.

Thrival began as a one-year program within Indianapolis Public Schools in 2017, but expanded to a four-year high school in 2020.

The mayor has a significant impact on education in Indianapolis and its townships . But the issue hasn’t been a large part of the campaign so far.

It’s the second charter school to close in the middle of the school year in less than one year.

The announcement comes amid a statewide push to alert high school students to higher education opportunities.

The state’s new accountability system will highlight graduation rates, state test scores, and chronic absenteeism, among other data points.

From Sept. 25 to 29, 36 colleges and universities in the state will have no application fee.

Superintendent Aleesia Johnson used her speech to invite Indianapolis families to consider the district’s offerings.