The state superintendent said cuts to staff won’t be prevalent in all districts. But educators say the “fiscal cliff” existed in the state well before federal COVID relief funds.

Teachers at Thirkell Elementary-Middle School in Detroit have complained about the now-suspended principal at recent school board meetings.

Casi un tercio de los estudiantes de Michigan estuvieron crónicamente ausentes durante el año escolar 2022-23, una de las tasas más altas en el país.

Just months before the fall college semester, students in Detroit who need financial aid are stuck in limbo.

The national effort will also support young people who want to enter the behavioral health workforce with stipends and experience.

A survey of Michigan residents found wide support for higher salaries for beginning teachers.

Students, parents, educators, and advocates have big asks for the 2024-25 School Aid Budget. They worry the state won’t be able to fund them.

Unintentional marijuana use is spiking among young children, while the district is dealing with hundreds of incidents involving weed and vape pens.

Kelley Cusmano was selected as the state’s top outstanding teacher after a months-long process that began with 700 nominations.

Detroit school leaders want action to keep pot edibles away from kids

Anyone in Michigan can enroll in Degree Forward, which has hubs in Detroit and Huron County.

Detroit students have more options for summer classes this year

The Bookmobile seeks to increase children’s access to physical books and promote the pleasures of reading.

Hundreds of metro Detroit educators learned earlier this month they’ll receive scholarships to visit the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta.

Jon Wilcox, the principal at Petoskey Middle School, grows Christmas trees on his property and raises honey bees in his spare time.

Amid a literacy crisis in Michigan, these educators want nearly every public school in the state to have a library and a certified librarian.

The sponsor of the bill says it would create a culture of expectation that formal education must begin early.

The board on Tuesday signaled to lawmakers that they want new laws to reform the state’s charter school system.

Nikki Snyder, the board member who introduced the measures, stormed out of the meeting in frustration after her colleagues rejected them.

Nearly a third of Michigan students were chronically absent during the 2022-23 school year, one of the highest rates in the country.

One-time federal dollars are set to run out and a state surplus is projected to decline. Michigan public school districts will have to make difficult decisions.

Home-schooling advocates in Michigan say requiring registration would be the first step toward government interference.

The legislation was inspired by the “heartbreaking” stories of Michigan foster youth.

The Detroit school district last week approved extending the superintendent’s term to 2028.

The focus of the spending of the literacy lawsuit settlement money is on hiring academic interventionists, but the district might have a tough time hiring them.

Detroit Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said the district needs names to go with the allegations in order to investigate them.

On Wednesday, groups that support students considered to be at-risk asked legislators to continue to increase funding for programs that benefit children with high needs.

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo cast the lone dissenting vote on Superintendent Nikolai Vitti’s contract extension, citing the timing of the vote.

Two years after first introduced, lawmakers began considering bills aimed at preventing violence in Michigan schools.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s accelerated plan to offer free preschool to all 4-year-olds in Michigan requires more teachers. Nonprofits plan to help bring more educators to the profession.

NAF, an education nonprofit, operates 30 career academies in 20 high schools in the Detroit Public Schools Community District

The majority of states in the U.S. don’t require kindergarten attendance.

The state has allocated $328 million to improve student mental health in 2024, but school mental health workers say it’s not enough.