Community & Wraparound Programs

For families across New York City, tens of millions of dollars in unused food benefits from the final installment of a pandemic-era program have already begun to expire.

‘Don’t Wait’ follows three young women as they fight for environmental justice, the removal of school police, and access to arts education. Each activist takes her own path to achieve change.

Some city and state lawmakers say laundry services are critical for schools, but installing them can come with challenges.

Before the pandemic, at least 137 schools serving roughly 70,000 students did not have a school nurse, according to one estimate.

Leaders say hiring community school coordinators, like Aurora has at each of its zone schools, is key to making the model work.

The ‘Youth Civic Hub,’ an online portal launched on Friday aims to increase youth civic engagement and electoral participation.

This year, Newark Public Schools extended summer school program hours until 6 p.m. for students in elementary, middle, and high school.

The program’s popularity likely means thousands of families won’t get a seat.

Brooklyn state Sen. Zellnor Myrie recently introduced legislation for the state’s Office of Children and Family Services to conduct a feasibility study for universal after-school.

Mayor Eric Adams is cutting nearly $7 million from NYC’s after-school program, scrapping about 3,500 seats at a time when interest in programs is on the rise.

Federal law that protects the educational rights of homeless children and youth under 21 says young adults should be enrolled in school immediately, but the city is not meeting this requirement, advocates say.

La ley federal protege los derechos a la educación de los niños y jóvenes menores de 21 años sin hogar y establece que los jóvenes adultos deben ser matriculados inmediatamente en la escuela, pero la ciudad no está cumpliendo este requisito, dicen los defensores.

Allowing homeless students to buy their own clothes and providing them with cell phones has helped build trust and improve attendance. The end of COVID aid endangers that.

Nearly 500 teens and young adults turned away in the second half of 2023, up from seven in the first half, according to data obtained by THE CITY.

The Summer Youth Employment Program has for decades provided the city’s youth with paid opportunities to explore potential career pathways over the summer.

In ‘If You See Them,’ author Vicki Sokolik writes about educational barriers these students face, including higher rates of absenteeism and undiagnosed learning disabilities.

En octubre, al menos 90,000 beneficios de comida seguían sin utilizarse en la ciudad de Nueva York, un total de por lo menos $35 millones en fondos sin usar.