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Other classroom factors, including class size and teacher pay, did not correlate with third grade reading scores, the study found.

But another troubling trend remains: The percentage of K-3 students reading significantly below grade level jumped up and has stayed up.

Chancellor David Banks has staked his education agenda on changing the curriculums educators use. Few schools are exempt from the new mandates.

“It became much more about the performative aspects of saying the curriculum is being implemented as opposed to the real support that teachers need,” Weingarten said.

Schools are too often punishing and excluding special education students with behavioral issues, Tennessee Disability Coalition says

Gov. Phil Murphy tasked New Jersey leaders to lead in AI-powered initiatives. New state guidance aims to help school districts pioneer the technology.

Teachers report managing student behavior and low pay are major sources of stress. But they aren’t more likely than other workers to want to leave their jobs.

Members overwhelmingly voted in favor to ratify the contract that comes with 4.5% average annual raises.

Some students questioned the wisdom of testing the city’s remote learning platform during a scheduled day off.

Former librarian will lead panel that could decide which titles students statewide can access.

Families at The Brooklyn School of Inquiry have won a lengthy fight to avoid using Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s reading program. Will other schools follow?

Isaac Regnier, a Brooklyn seventh grader, is petitioning to make Dec. 23 a day off, arguing that attendance will be low.

The teachers union’s 7,000 members are scheduled to take a ratification vote on June 6.

Ethnomathematics tries to make math relevant, with students calculating the slope of Hawaiian mountainsides or using trigonometry to evenly space braids.