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Educators don’t want to endorse the state’s culture wars, or get ensnared in them.

The turmoil unfolded on Nov. 20, when hundreds of students filled the halls of the Queens school in protest of a social media photo of a teacher holding an “I Stand With Israel” sign

IPS teachers will receive raises based on their evaluations, years of service, and subject area.

The tentative contract provides extra pay for school psychologists, social workers, and teachers of English as a second language.

Some districts say they’re having a hard time hiring enough teachers and keeping them.

The Class of 2023 were freshmen when the pandemic disrupted in-person learning. District data indicate 84% of those students graduated in four years, the highest rate in modern history.

Jamarria Hall remains engaged in the fight to improve schools: ‘​​I want to change education,’ he says. ‘If you look at the last century, education has not changed at all.’

Districts would have more power, and test scores would not be a factor.

Jessica May was inspired by her mother’s journey as a foster parent.

Some of the students have endured dangerous journeys to the United States, on top of the disruption of leaving their homes behind.

Perry is the only district in Indiana to receive the Teacher and School Leader grant this year. 

Many applicants are being rejected because they’re confused about which debt forgiveness program to apply for.

In middle school, Elías Cruz joined a track team started by his English teacher. Now he’s a middle school English teacher who started a track team.

The event was invitation-only, and a video will be available at a later date.

Students and parents can participate in focus groups on Oct. 25 and 30 to discuss specific reading programs. 

Some advocates call for a larger overhaul of the system for determining who is eligible for special education.