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Karen Howell-Toomer, principal of Universal Vare Charter School, said she hopes the temporary building will be like a “boutique” for students.

Leah Williamson, a school social worker, said her students don’t “come from white picket fences, unicorns, and glitter, and do not want to be treated as [if] they do.”

“Each student has passion and curiosity inside them and I am so honored whenever I can play a small part in igniting these things,” said Matt Vriesman, who teaches at East Kentwood High School.

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Michigan Teacher of the Year Candice Jackson was inspired to enter the teaching profession after she taught basic accounting lessons to children in the community.

Larisa Bukalov, a math teacher at Bayside High School in Queens, began working with educators in her native country of Ukraine after Russia invaded the country. 

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