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The timing of Jerry Jordan’s announcement precluded competition for the union presidency, critics say.

Volunteers take a block-by-block approach to connecting families across the city to resources they need to jumpstart their child’s reading skills.

The Basic Funding Commission recommended increasing spending on K-12 education by $5.4 billion over the next seven years to meet its constitutional mandate

The Basic Education Funding Commission’s report calls for a $5.1 billion increase over seven years, plus more spending on the teaching workforce and school facilities.

With $1 million in federal funding, Bartram High School’s approach could become a model for the city’s highest-risk campuses.

How I Teach: I want my students to find themselves through theater

Advocates say the state must also boost aid for infrastructure needs and preschool to comply with a landmark court ruling last year.

What did school communities face in 2023? Waning COVID relief funding, rising chronic absenteeism, and ChatGPT controversy, just to name a few.

Peirce is the first new school building in North Philadelphia in 70 years, and officials said it demonstrated the value the city puts on all its students.

Ending a monthslong budget impasse, Gov. Josh Shapiro signed several code bills that create a student teacher stipend, add money for school choice programs, and send millions to community colleges and libraries.

Critics of Keystone Opportunity Zones say they endanger tax revenue that could benefit city public schools.

Board President and Vice President Reginald Streater and Mallory Fix-Lopez will remain in their roles for the time being. Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker could pick new board members.

School officials say students and teachers could be moved to any of these 24 locations if environmental hazards close schools.

Murals, games, and a ‘story wheel’ are among the strategies researchers say can promote academic achievement and child development.

Educator Sarah Budlow said the more she learned about the impact of a kid's school experience on their life and their future, the more she wanted to become a teacher.

Kenney, who will step aside early next year, hopes PHLpreK will keep expanding after mayor-elect Cherelle Parker takes over.

Philadelphia offers free pre-K, and all 3- and 4-year-olds in the city can apply. Here’s everything you need to know about the process and some obstacles you may face.

According to a new survey of hundreds of Philadelphia teachers, their top concerns are their workload, unrealistic expectations around student achievement, and inadequate salary or benefits.

Bethel, who promoted changes to juvenile justice, will be the city’s top cop under mayor-elect Cherelle Parker.

A Temple University program helps students develop skills to defuse conflicts and work as peer mentors.

The pattern means that many students in low-income neighborhoods can’t attend the district’s flagship high school.

District leaders say the scores on Pennsylvania exams are encouraging but that more work needs to be done.

Parker will have the power to reshape the school board and drive the city’s conversation about school safety, infrastructure, charter schools, and more.

The hearing follows the release of a report last month that identified problems and areas for improvement in the charter authorizing process but found no intentional bias.

The mayor has no direct control over the schools, but appoints all of the school board members. Here’s where the candidates stand on charter schools, school safety, and more.

Nearly 55,000 students use SEPTA to get to and from school, and the district would be unable to find suitable transportation for them if transit workers strike next week.

Here’s what she had to say about year-round school, charter seats, an elected school board, and more.

Here’s what he had to say about an elected school board, charter seats, school funding, and more.

The comments from Miguel Cardona highlight how the Pennsylvania governor’s support for private school choice puts him at odds with many Democrats.

The school recently received just a one-year extension of its charter after officials took issue with its performance.

But the coalition of Black-led charter schools says that the report describes a ‘flawed and broken system’ and backs up its charges of discrimination.

Houston Elementary, in a progressive, racially diverse part of the city, is slated to lose a teacher, and put 31 fifth graders in a single class.

Charter school funding, enrollment and performance explained.

Union leaders say they reached the agreement with the district just 48 hours before the current contract was set to expire.