The school desegregation ruling is often taught as a celebration of American justice and equality. Here’s what else lessons about it should include.

The board voted to reelect Reginald Streater as its president, but its members’ pick for VP surprised even the winner.

The Pennsylvania Auditor General found the charter office complied with all relevant state laws and regulations.

The bill revives a voucher program called the PASS scholarship, which would give students in the lowest-performing school districts up to $10,000 to use at private schools.

Starting June 3, families will be able to use one, streamlined application for the city’s free early childhood education programs. Preschool teachers will be eligible for new retention bonuses worth up to $2,000.

The “Summer Achievers” program will start in June and offer a mix of academics and camp-like activities. It could set the table for new schedules at 20 schools in 2025-26.

Some residents are also pushing the City Council to increase the share of property taxes that go to public schools.

The district and school board have already held several meetings and votes on their $4.5 billion budget.

The City Council will not vote to confirm Joyce Wilkerson’s appointment to the school board. But Mayor Cherelle Parker plans to put her on the board anyway.

The new school board, nominated by Mayor Cherelle Parker, will be seated on May 1 and have its first action meeting May 30.

City Council gave their final approval to Mayor Cherelle Parker’s eight school board picks on Thursday, but Joyce Wilkerson’s nomination is still deferred.

Former Board President Joyce Wilkerson’s nomination by Mayor Cherelle Parker was deferred, and city officials expressed displeasure about the district’s charter school policy.

Gov. Josh Shapiro says the testing change will mean less time spent preparing for the tests and more time for actual learning.

Parents, teachers, and others have long criticized the practice of reassigning teachers after the school year has begun. But it’s unclear if ‘leveling’ is gone for good or merely paused.

Shortly after going live, a new program to pay student teachers received thousands of applications. The state only allocated enough funding for some 700 people.

Parker’s plan includes assigning more police to school beats, more closely monitoring shooting threats on social media, and more.

Philadelphia schools use senior dues to pay for graduation expenses, class gifts, luncheons, and more. Tell us how much your school is charging and what the dues cover.

Pennsylvania students must submit their state grant applications by May 1, but they need their FAFSAs processed by then. The federal government’s bungled rollout is making that a challenge.

Despite bipartisan interest in the issue, advocates have concerns about privacy and overregulation of young peoples' online presence.

Board nominees picked by Cherelle Parker indicated support for her push for year-round school, but the idea faces several challenges.

Juntos, una organización que aboga por los derechos de los inmigrantes, descubrió que las escuelas no tienen recursos, capacitación ni el apoyo adecuados para ayudar a los estudiantes recién llegados a aclimatarse y tener éxito.

Mayor Cherelle Parker’s picks include the current board president and two people with strong ties to charter schools. If the City Council confirms her nominees, they’ll start their terms May 1.

Philadelphia school board adopts $4.5 billion 2025 budget

Juntos, an immigrant rights organization, found schools lack the proper resources, training, and support to help newcomer students acclimate and succeed.

The program, called Handle With Care, involves referrals by police to schools when law enforcement encounters children at traumatic events like domestic violence or sudden deaths.

Their place in the city’s education landscape has taken on new importance as the share of English learners has also increased.

Children First’s proposal could mean nearly $100 million in additional aid for the city’s public schools.

Northeast High School Principal Omar Crowder said the school has provided additional mental health services and police patrols near the school have increased after a shooting wounded eight students March 6.

Teach Plus hopes the groups ‘provide safe, culturally affirming spaces’ to encourage teachers to stay in the profession.

Mayor Cherelle Parker wants more money for the district, a greater school share of property tax revenue, and year-round school starting this fall.

Gov. Ron DeSantis and LGBTQ groups have both claimed that the settlement is a win.

The Educational Nominating Panel released its list of 27 finalists for the school board Tuesday night. Mayor Cherelle Parker will forward nine to the City Council for public hearings.

The mayor’s Education Nominating Panel is expected to release its list of recommended names for future board members at a public meeting at 5 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall.

The agreement, which was reached roughly six months before the current contract’s expiration date, came as a surprise to many.

Years later, Philly students still have not received compensatory services meant to address COVID learning loss

More than 3,000 students at Northeast High School are learning remotely this week after a shooting injured 8 students less than a mile from their school.

Absent state funding, Philadelphia school officials are looking for medical health partners to help launch new school-based clinics in two schools.

Mallory Fix-Lopez, the only educator on the board, said her resignation is due in part to the time commitment and workload that comes with the volunteer position.

The board of education has not approved a new charter school since 2018.

A tentative deal on a new teachers union contract would not alter the policy.