Philadelphia schools will get a $232 million increase, but the state opted not to codify a plan to close funding gaps between low-income and wealthy districts.

Philadelphia schools are slated to get a nearly $232 million increase in basic education funding under the new budget Gov. Josh Shapiro signed Thursday.

A group of Philadelphia students rallied for lawmakers to prioritize public school funding. Legislators have been wrangling over education aid and vouchers for some time.

The city school board has rejected the Global Leadership Academy high school's charter application again, citing academic concerns.

Mayor Cherelle Parker stressed the pilot won’t significantly change the academic calendar, won’t be mandatory, and won’t disrupt collective bargaining agreements.

Mayor Cherelle Parker's year-round school model is taking shape through Philly's summer programming.

Deciding how much money to spend on K-12 education remains an obstacle to closing a budget deal in Harrisburg.

Philadelphia needs to hire more than 450 teachers, especially in special education

Increased state education spending now will more than pay for itself as more students graduate and attend college, report finds

The Trace analyzed shootings within 500 yards of schools nationwide from 2014 through 2023. Five of the top 10 schools by total number of shootings were in the same Philadelphia neighborhood.

A spokesperson for Team Roc, the philanthropic arm of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation orgnaization, says their public education campaign about a pending school voucher bill does not constitute lobbying. The state’s definition of lobbying may suggest otherwise.

“Our journey to get to this position in our lives was a rocky road to say the least.” This Philly student made it from home schooling to remote learning to class salutatorian.

The interactive site’s disappearing act represents another headache for the districts’ years-long quest to create a plan to repair facilities.

The legislation would dramatically overhaul how Pennsylvania funds schools following a 2023 court ruling that declared the state’s education funding system unconstitutional.

William C. Bryant School Principal Bahir Hayes wants to show young Black kids that they can achieve success like he did.

The state House Education Committee approved a bill that would increase school funding to historically underfunded districts like Philly and reform spending on cyber charter schools.

Jeannine Hendricks Payne departs Masterman in the wake of controversies over antisemitism and admissions changes to lead Strawberry Mansion High.

Over 100 students, educators, and parents rallied outside the Board of Education meeting on Thursday demanding the school district do more to support difficult classroom conversations about the rights of Palestinian people.

These ‘senior dues’ can range from $80 to $380 and vary from school to school. But there’s virtually no oversight.

Students work with artists to find themselves, learn about their world, and see their work showcased around the city.

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    The nonprofit Need in Deed supports public school teachers as they guide their students through challenging topics and world events.

    The board voted to reelect Reginald Streater as its president, but its members’ pick for VP surprised even the winner.

    The Pennsylvania Auditor General found the charter office complied with all relevant state laws and regulations.

    The bill revives a voucher program called the PASS scholarship, which would give students in the lowest-performing school districts up to $10,000 to use at private schools.

    Starting June 3, families will be able to use one, streamlined application for the city’s free early childhood education programs. Preschool teachers will be eligible for new retention bonuses worth up to $2,000.

    The “Summer Achievers” program will start in June and offer a mix of academics and camp-like activities. It could set the table for new schedules at 20 schools in 2025-26.

    Some residents are also pushing the City Council to increase the share of property taxes that go to public schools.

    The district and school board have already held several meetings and votes on their $4.5 billion budget.

    The City Council will not vote to confirm Joyce Wilkerson’s appointment to the school board. But Mayor Cherelle Parker plans to put her on the board anyway.

    The new school board, nominated by Mayor Cherelle Parker, will be seated on May 1 and have its first action meeting May 30.

    City Council gave their final approval to Mayor Cherelle Parker’s eight school board picks on Thursday, but Joyce Wilkerson’s nomination is still deferred.

    Former Board President Joyce Wilkerson’s nomination by Mayor Cherelle Parker was deferred, and city officials expressed displeasure about the district’s charter school policy.

    Gov. Josh Shapiro says the testing change will mean less time spent preparing for the tests and more time for actual learning.

    Parents, teachers, and others have long criticized the practice of reassigning teachers after the school year has begun. But it’s unclear if ‘leveling’ is gone for good or merely paused.

    Shortly after going live, a new program to pay student teachers received thousands of applications. The state only allocated enough funding for some 700 people.

    Parker’s plan includes assigning more police to school beats, more closely monitoring shooting threats on social media, and more.

    Philadelphia schools use senior dues to pay for graduation expenses, class gifts, luncheons, and more. Tell us how much your school is charging and what the dues cover.