Philadelphia Charter Schools

The Pennsylvania Auditor General found the charter office complied with all relevant state laws and regulations.

The City Council will not vote to confirm Joyce Wilkerson’s appointment to the school board. But Mayor Cherelle Parker plans to put her on the board anyway.

Former Board President Joyce Wilkerson’s nomination by Mayor Cherelle Parker was deferred, and city officials expressed displeasure about the district’s charter school policy.

Their place in the city’s education landscape has taken on new importance as the share of English learners has also increased.

The board of education has not approved a new charter school since 2018.

The board’s vote follows claims that the district has exhibited a systemic bias against Black-led charters.

A court ruling last year mandating an overhaul to state education spending has spurred talks about changing how charters are funded.

The hearing follows the release of a report last month that identified problems and areas for improvement in the charter authorizing process but found no intentional bias.

But the coalition of Black-led charter schools says that the report describes a ‘flawed and broken system’ and backs up its charges of discrimination.

Charter school funding, enrollment and performance explained.

The settlement with Aspira will end a disagreement over funding for two schools that didn’t follow student enrollment limits.

The district’s charter school office is recommending the school board revoke Franklin Towne Charter High School’s charter after allegations of discrimination within its lottery admissions process.

Belmont Charter School students and teachers say any year-round school program should be tailored to individual school communities.

Members are concerned about overlapping legal representation.

The votes took place amid an investigation into whether the district’s charter school policy is racially biased.

After the death of a student to COVID-19 and amid a surge in cases, Philadelphia education leaders want to return to remote learning or implement tougher health protocols for schools.

The board voted 7-1 in favor of the popular Black-led charter school in South Philadelphia.

Almost a week before it’s scheduled to vote on closing a popular Black-led charter school, Philadelphia’s Board of Education hired local law firm to investigate allegations of racial bias in how charters schools are authorized

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