Charter schools

State leaders want to make sure all students have the opportunity to earn 30 college credits in high school.

On Friday, a judge agreed to put the sale on hold, at least temporarily, following an objection from Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita.

Board members said Academy 360 deserves a chance to boost student test scores, especially considering that the school provides mental health support to students and families that one board member called essential.

“Are we sure this is going to make things better?” one board member asked.

Attorney General Todd Rokita also wants to prevent the impending sale of Francis Bellamy School 102.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita and other state leaders sought to block the proposed deals.

At Circle City Prep’s new cafeteria, fresh produce replaces reheated pizzas, and an on-site chef prepares meals daily.

The new athletic facilities would include a field for track, football, and soccer, as well as new basketball courts.

Trezevant is the default option, but transportation will be offered to two other schools as well.

Residents in Hammond will vote next week on continuing a property tax increase to give more money to local schools. For the first time, that includes charter schools.

The hearing follows the release of a report last month that identified problems and areas for improvement in the charter authorizing process but found no intentional bias.

As Mayor Brandon Johnson and his hand-picked school board exert their influence, charter families and advocates see challenges ahead for the sector.

Democrats in the Legislature respond to calls for more transparency on how charter schools spend public money.

The school recently received just a one-year extension of its charter after officials took issue with its performance.

Tess Stovall’s recommendations will be a key factor in whether the state votes to overrule locally elected school boards.

The New Jersey Department of Education gave Philip’s Academy Charter School an award for diversifying its teacher workforce. Historically, Newark schools have struggled to hire teachers who reflect the makeup of their student population.

The settlement with Aspira will end a disagreement over funding for two schools that didn’t follow student enrollment limits.

Families at a Brooklyn Prospect Charter middle school were notified last week that a surge in new COVID cases had prompted precautionary measures.

It’s the second Indianapolis charter school in less than a year that has announced a sudden closure after the school year started.