Aleksandra Appleton

Reporter, Chalkbeat Indiana

Aleksandra Appleton is a Reporter for Chalkbeat Indiana. She previously reported on schools in Las Vegas and Fresno, California, where she grew up. Aleks is a graduate of UC San Diego and the Columbia School of Journalism.

Researchers say CTE programs should be multifaceted, offering students opportunities to explore career paths, connections to employers, and paths to a two-year degree.
Schools must replace methods of literacy instruction that use three-cueing within the next year.
As the number of English language learners grows in the state, Perry Township tries a new diploma track.
Making the program available to more children was a priority for Gov. Eric Holcomb this year.
At least one district is going beyond the law by requiring parental permission to use students’ new names.
The results match scores from a separate state test, the ILEARN, that also showed student performance has stagnated in reading.
Ball State’s Teachers College had previously received a failing grade in a national report on the science of reading.
The first Indiana school districts head back to school this week amid a spate of new laws and policies that will affect what happens in the classroom.
Adjuncts aren’t licensed by the state and instead need to have four years of relevant experience and pass a background check.
Use this table to see how Indiana students in grades 3-8 did on 2023 ILEARN test scores for math, English and the subjects combined.
ILEARN test scores show Indiana reading proficiency rates have dropped back to 2021 levels after gains in 2022.
The law is a big change for families used to paying hundreds of dollars per student for textbooks each year.
A new report shows wide disparities in how well Indiana’s teacher prep programs have adopted the science of reading.
Some board members said the state didn’t cut enough, especially in the earliest grades.
Democrats have tried but failed to tweak the bill, which would make it easier for charter schools to take advantage of the so-called $1 law.
Lawmakers pulled the bill from a committee agenda after protests from groups like the Indianapolis NAACP and the state teachers union.
Under current state law, charters do not receive a portion of the funding that districts can collect from property taxes
Sex ed that covers birth control, pregnancy, and consent isn’t required in schools in Indiana.
The new dashboard underscores questions about the role of the state’s A-F grading system for schools.
Lawmakers made some changes, including allowing schools to host joint career fairs, to meet the bill’s requirements.
Supporters say school choice bill would give parents more power, while critics say it would take funds from public schools.
High schoolers beginning with the Class of 2028 would be required to take the class under an Indiana Senate bill.
The Indiana bills are similar to a Florida law referred to as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.
Fourth grade math teacher Angela Fowler of Indiana was recently awarded the Milken Educator Award for her work.