Leaders of both special district efforts hope to ask for voter approval in 2025.

Director Patricia Hurrieta will be tasked with carrying out the recommendations in a new report about the barriers and opportunities that Latino students face.

State leaders hope a $25 million investment in scholarships and coaching for the Class of 2024 will pay off in getting more students the skills they need to access high paying jobs.

“At some point, all of us as board members are highly conscious of the fact that we’re going to have to close schools, we’re going to have to consolidate schools,” one board member said.

One initiative will give $1,000 bonuses to teenagers who work 100 hours or more this summer and complete financial literacy training.

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Some families travel hours each day so their children can attend the Bright MINDS program in Lakewood.

The program will train young adults ages 18 to 24 to act “as navigators serving middle and high school students,” according to state officials.

Advocates say there are about 45 outdoor preschool programs in Colorado.

The contract provision in question has to do with the end of the so-called budget stabilization factor, which withheld funding from Colorado’s K-12 schools.

Education was a big issue in 2024, with a school funding formula rewrite dominating the last weeks of the legislative session.

The pro-Palestinian encampment at the Auraria Campus is the largest such protest in the state. Students at the schools have mixed feelings about it.

Colorado State Board members said they believe growth will speed up in Adams 14 schools.

Outdated zone lines aren't equitable and are limiting the school’s enrollment and course offerings, students say.

State Rep. Matthew Martinez said a cleanup bill this year will finally allow about 300 incarcerated students to get more time off for attending college.

The dissolution means the Luminary Learning Network will be the only innovation zone in Denver Public Schools.

DPS hired 64 new international teachers this year, and its goal is to double that number next year.

The immediate financial impact on districts' budgets, especially for rural schools the formula is designed to help, would likely be a mixed bag, superintendents say.

Districts enrolled a total of 8,085 newcomer students after the October count and through Feb. 29.

The name change is also meant to strengthen the middle school’s connection with Manual High School.

It will be the first four-year degree available in the state’s prisons for women. The program is unique because of one of its new professors.

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The judge could issue a decision in the next few weeks.

The bill sponsor cited too much last-minute pushback from defenders of seclusion.

The board picked Gionni Thompson, a longtime administrator who’s worked in other Colorado schools.

The Colorado Education Association says it’s concerned about whether there’s enough sustainable funding for the new formula, but indicated that it’s open to further talks.

Black and Native American families, low-income families, and parents or children with disabilities are disproportionately impacted by such laws.

Leaders say hiring community school coordinators, like Aurora has at each of its zone schools, is key to making the model work.

In redrawing the maps, the board also considered the racial makeup of the proposed districts.

More than 40,000 employees work on the Denver airport campus.

The board defended its “policy governance” model that limits information requests and funnels communication through the superintendent.

The process of getting the 2023 gift from Mackenzie Scott was exciting and mysterious, leaders at Early Milestones Colorado said.

The CEO of The Learning Source, which provides adult education at locations across the state, said thousands of Colorado adults will lose out.

Whether a school is following district discipline rules “is an indicator of the climate of a school,” Superintendent Alex Marrero said.

El distrito y la high school enfrentan una nueva audiencia con la Junta de Educación Estatal en mayo.

“I work in school nutrition to feed kids, not trash cans,” a dietitian testified at a legislative hearing last week.

The charter school bill that sponsors said was about accountability failed after hours of testimony Thursday.

Changing how Colorado funds schools has bedeviled legislators for years, but they hope the new proposal will represent a breakthrough.

More than a dozen local organizations that help administer Colorado’s tuition-free preschool program signed a letter to Gov. Jared Polis protesting potential funding cuts.

David Carrilllo took only a week to adjust after getting released from a Colorado prison. Now, he’s teaching students again.

Heather Martin cofounded a nonprofit to support survivors of mass tragedy.