“I work in school nutrition to feed kids, not trash cans,” a dietitian testified at a legislative hearing last week.

The charter school bill that sponsors said was about accountability failed after hours of testimony Thursday.

Changing how Colorado funds schools has bedeviled legislators for years, but they hope the new proposal will represent a breakthrough.

More than a dozen local organizations that help administer Colorado’s tuition-free preschool program signed a letter to Gov. Jared Polis protesting potential funding cuts.

David Carrilllo took only a week to adjust after getting released from a Colorado prison. Now, he’s teaching students again.

Noticias escolares de Colorado

Heather Martin cofounded a nonprofit to support survivors of mass tragedy.

The plan would provide relief to five different types of borrowers but won’t be put into action for some time.

Vick is set to start a three-year term as president of the organization of nearly 40,000 educators in July.

Chalkbeat is collaborating with newsrooms across Colorado on a survey asking voters which issues matter to them.

The Colorado State Board of Education will hear the recommendations at a hearing in May.

Colorado’s budget bill finally puts an end to the budget stabilization factor. It also includes more for K-12 and higher education.

State officials expect families of more than 300,000 children to benefit from the Summer EBT program.

The Keystone Policy Center offers recommendations for preparing more students for life after high school.

In a recent Colorado teachers union survey, 32% of respondents said they had experienced physical abuse by a student in the past two years.

Some highly rated preschools will be allowed to have classes of 24 children under the new rules.

One proposes to improve accountability, though critics call it harmful. The other would open up a source of construction funds.

Parents and advocates testified for hours in support of a bill to ban seclusion in Colorado schools, calling the practice ‘inhumane.’ But some school officials pushed back.

Lawmakers unveiled the proposal on Tuesday after a week when budget committee members had to make big cuts.

The board was considering a policy that prohibited members from blocking people or deleting comments based on the views expressed.

The guidance is new this spring and comes in response to the influx of newcomer students.

Los padres sin número de Seguro Social ya pueden contribuir a la FAFSA. La solicitud FAFSA ayuda a los estudiantes a obtener ayuda financiera y pagar por la universidad.

University of Northern Colorado school officials said the work to better represent the state’s population and get more Hispanic students to graduation isn’t done.

Screening students, for example, has taken up a lot more time for some teachers.

The report’s recommendations include ones that require cooperation from the city and other organizations.

Más de 3,500 estudiantes inmigrantes se han inscrito en las escuelas públicas de Denver desde que empezó el año escolar, y los centros están cada vez dándoles más servicios a sus familias mientras rehacen sus vidas en Denver.

Colorado’s budget committee has been hashing out legislation that would provide $24 million for schools enrolling new arrival students. On Friday, they approved the proposal for consideration.

The Colorado State Board of Education praised the school’s efforts, even though its rating and test scores remained low.

For parent Emma Gonzalez Gutierrez, one message from a teacher helped her surprise her daughter at school.

Algunos maestros dicen que las aplicaciones han ayudado a que los padres se abran sobre problemas que su hijo o familia está enfrentando. Facilitan que los maestros proporcionen más apoyo a sus estudiantes.

Although Colorado was an early adopter of policies that helped transfer students retain their credits, the system needs an update, according to state leaders.

The charter school didn’t enroll as many students as expected so wasn’t sure it would have enough funding to open.

The proposed fixes to the subsidy program would cost about $81 million in the first year.

El cambio de los funcionarios estatales es el último de varias decisiones cambiantes relacionadas con la enseñanza religiosa en el nuevo programa preescolar de Colorado.

The state is on track to have up to $7 million in leftover child care assistance funding this year.

The proposal comes as the U.S. Supreme Court is considering a case involving school board members in California who blocked parents on Twitter and Facebook.

With nearly two job openings for every unemployed person in Colorado, lawmakers are touting a package of legislative proposals aimed at improving workforce training in the state.

The authors of this year’s bill, which focuses on students who are the first in their families to enroll in higher education, say the proposal differs from last year’s in key ways.

“Nos dimos cuenta de que realmente podríamos lograr un cambio si nos esforzábamos de corazón”, dijo Niko Peterson, uno de los amigos de McKinney que ayudó a escribir el proyecto de ley.