Colorado public universities have changed deadlines to help students during a rocky financial aid season.

Colorado lawmakers in the Senate Education Committee voted against a bill that would have made it harder to remove content from public and school libraries.

The district pilot is being considered to start at Thornton Elementary School and Thornton Middle School next fall.

Advocates for students with disabilities say sending kids home early is a common practice, but often happens informally with no documentation.

Not everything has been smooth, but staff and parents say the good outweighs the hard.

Noticias escolares de Colorado

Jefferson Academy, a local charter school, fell short of its enrollment goal to open.

The state’s top early childhood official will make a final decision on class size limits by March 28.

Despite a desire among many community college students to transfer and earn a four-year degree, most in Colorado don't realize that dream.

More migrant students are enrolling midyear. Because they don’t qualify for a 1966 program that helps agricultural migrant students, schools need other funding to support them.

A bill drafted by Colorado youth would require schools to use transgender students’ preferred names.

Parents whose 3-year-olds have special education plans will still have to fill out the state application.

Colorado’s budget committee has started the process of drafting a bill that would provide up to $24 million statewide for schools that have enrolled more migrant students.

The action was not sanctioned by the district’s teachers union.

The vote followed a pitch from the school’s principal to keep Wyatt open by enrolling migrant students and subletting some space.

Sen. Lisa Cutter, a co-sponsor of the bill, said she plans to amend the bill so it’s less prescriptive.

The new CEO will start in mid-March and work with Bill Kurtz before he leaves the post, to smooth the transition.

'I haven’t heard anything specific about a special assessment, screener, or anything regarding dyslexia,' said a second grade teacher in Denver.

But some teachers and parents are fighting to save the school.

Colorado lawmakers approved the adult education program last year, but it’s been on hold due to a technical issue.

The state is ending the practice of diverting money from K-12 schools. Some Colorado lawmakers say they now want to increase how much the state spends on education.

Colorado school funding formula recommendations would send more money to schools for student needs, such as whether they’re English learners, students with disabilities, or low income.

County leaders say they made a dent, but there’s more work to do.

Many school districts are seeing a surge of newcomer students.

The federal government announced FAFSA information sent to schools would be further delayed. Colleges and universities use that information to calculate how much aid students will receive.

As a second-grader, Carlota Loya Hernández spent a lot of time coloring because she couldn’t understand the teacher, and the teacher couldn’t understand her.

Colorado lawmakers want to provide districts with the option to award students a climate literacy seal.

El programa de preescolar gratis de Colorado, que empezó en agosto, está abierto a todos los niños de 4 años y a algunos de 3 años.

The data suggests that school police officers, who were permanently brought back this fall, are ticketing and arresting students less frequently than before.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said he’s working with colleges and universities to be more efficient. But it’s hard to analyze school budgets to determine administrative budgets.

Colorado used federal relief money to become what’s believed the first state in the nation to give students who earned 70 credits but never graduated associate degrees.

The launch of the guide coincides with the district’s school choice window, which opened Jan. 11.

The state's universal preschool application will open in late February.

Denver Public Schools, however, saw a slight increase in its official student count from October.

Como sus estudiantes, David Carrillo usa un uniforme verde. Ocupa un puesto extremadamente inusual en prisión: es un profesor encarcelado que enseña un programa universitario en prisión.

The state's new 1215 Report makes recommendations for overhauling the state’s fragmented workforce training system.

Caleb Flores es maestro de estudiantes que están aprendiendo inglés en la Greeley West High School. El premio incluye $25,000 en efectivo.

A guide on how to keep up with education issues in the Colorado legislature.

Caleb Flores was shocked to learn the reason for the top-secret assembly at his school.

The superintendent wanted to use state tests scores. A board member proposed an alternative he said was a better measure of what students have learned.