Chicago Public Schools plans to eliminate “misconduct” language in tracking early grade behavior

‘Don’t Wait’ follows three young women as they fight for environmental justice, the removal of school police, and access to arts education. Each activist takes her own path to achieve change.

In the first crucial hours, police could not get access to video surveillance, a witness, and other key information in a shooting that left two students dead, two wounded. CPS says it cooperated.

The theater production will run for one day only through a partnership between the New York Civil Liberties Union and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

District leaders say the new cameras are meant to make schools safer and will not result in an invasion of privacy.

The lawsuit alleges that a teacher at George Washington Carver Montessori School 87 encouraged students to attack a 7-year-old fellow student with a disability.

The vote comes one year after a mass school shooting in Nashville that prompted calls for gun restrictions

Across party lines, teachers want students to have more mental health support. Republican teachers were more likely to support armed police officers in school — and arming teachers.

‘People were damn mad,’ said one spectator who was asked to leave the chamber.

Nikki Snyder, the board member who introduced the measures, stormed out of the meeting in frustration after her colleagues rejected them.

In a recent Colorado teachers union survey, 32% of respondents said they had experienced physical abuse by a student in the past two years.

Education Department officials aren’t planning to take advantage of the device’s major selling point: allowing students to walk through without removing their backpacks.

Two years after first introduced, lawmakers began considering bills aimed at preventing violence in Michigan schools.

The data suggests that school police officers, who were permanently brought back this fall, are ticketing and arresting students less frequently than before.