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National Editor

Sarah Darville is Chalkbeat’s Managing Editor for National. She was previously the Bureau Chief for Chalkbeat New York and a Google Journalism Fellow.

When the College Board released a final curriculum framework for AP African American Studies that removed much of the criticized content, some teachers feared the organization had caved to complaints.
The new COVID variant hasn’t led to widespread closures, but schools are bracing for staffing challenges in January.
Once approved, the shots will be distributed to school-based clinics, pediatricians’ offices, and other sites.
It was concerning but not surprising that students of color have opted into in-person learning at lower rates, the education secretary said Friday.
The budget plan includes more money for students with disabilities and student mental health.
Parents and educators sent emails to federal officials early on that foreshadowed what would become the most stubborn challenges for schools during the pandemic.
For this Chicago educator, teaching students with autism means teaching parents when to help and when to back off
Cardona emphasized Biden’s proposed $130 billion in new federal aid to schools — which he said could help them both reopen and recover from the pandemic.
Choosing the Connecticut education commissioner, a relative unknown on the national stage, allows Biden to briefly sidestep fraught education debates that have divided his party.
More districts are putting off reopening or closing again, as the country’s failure to contain the coronavirus continues to disrupt the education of millions.
The outcome of the races for president and U.S. Senate will have big implications for a future coronavirus relief package.
Democrats for Education Reform is coordinating a behind-the-scenes push to shape who becomes Joe Biden’s education secretary, according to an email obtained by Chalkbeat.
It’s a notable show of support for a movement that’s attracted increased attention in recent years, as the country attempts to grapple with its history of racism and segregated schools.
Two-thirds of the $70B would only be accessible to schools if they offer some in-person instruction.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said Friday that she will push for legislation offering “microgrants” to individual students and educators adapting to remote learning.
If the stimulus package becomes law, it will mean billions for school districts, with more money going to states and schools with more low-income students.
The federal education department told school districts this weekend that they should not fully close, or decide against offering online instruction, because of legal concerns about serving students with disabilities.
Thanks to coronavirus, there will be no in-person exams. Instead, tests will last 45 minutes and be able to be taken at home using a computer, tablet, or phone.
An analysis estimates that 15% of health care providers with children don’t have another family member in their household to provide child care when schools close.
Elizabeth Warren offered another big show of support for teachers unions on Tuesday, appearing with Chicago teachers as their strike extended into a fourth school day.
The book catalogs instances where the College Board spun, obscured, or downplayed unfavorable research findings.
Former Denver schools chief Michael Bennet hasn’t qualified for the next Democratic presidential debate. But he’s still trying to win supporters with his education bona fides.