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Sarah Darville is Chalkbeat's managing editor for national. She was previously the bureau chief for Chalkbeat New York and a Google Journalism Fellow.

Biden admin: New effort to start COVID vaccination sites at schools on the way

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How this National Teacher of the Year uses an outdoor classroom to teach, connect with families

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Cardona: Schools need to rebuild trust with students and families of color as reopening continues

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Biden proposes doubling Title I, sending even more money to high-poverty schools

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They sent early SOS signals about COVID and schools. Here’s what life looks like for them, one year in.

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For this Chicago educator, teaching students with autism means teaching parents when to help and when to back off

In confirmation hearing, Cardona says he’ll work to reopen schools. But how hard will he push?

Biden to nominate Miguel Cardona as education secretary, sidestepping fraught policy debates

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Surges in COVID cases are upending school reopening plans across the U.S.

Election results are still coming in. While we wait, here’s a look at what that means for schools