Maryland’s diverse Montgomery County epitomizes the challenges faced by school communities worried about both a spike in anti-Jewish hate and Israel’s conduct since Oct. 7.

Many states have rules to protect student athletes during extreme heat but not children during recess. The family of a 12-year-old who died after running in the heat wants to change that.

History often pays attention to Oliver Brown and the male lawyers behind the landmark case. But 12 Black mothers from Kansas also played a crucial role in challenging inequities in their children’s schools.

Ethnomathematics tries to make math relevant, with students calculating the slope of Hawaiian mountainsides or using trigonometry to evenly space braids.

As Moms for Liberty and other conservative groups sought to gain control of American school boards, they turned to a blueprint drawn up in one Texas town.

As more states require schools to teach Asian American history, an Illinois program is helping teachers bolster their own knowledge and integrate lessons into curriculum they already use.

American schools are far more integrated than they were before Brown v. Board. But 70 years after the decision, segregation is increasing in the large districts that serve many Black students.

Supporters of Biden’s regulations say they will protect vulnerable students. Critics say they’re an attack on fairness and privacy.

A collaboration backed by the Yale Child Study Center has expanded a longstanding model that relies on clinicians and lawyers to provide what amounts to a legal prescription for issues like stress and anxiety.

The rollout of California's teletherapy apps has been slow and social workers worry some youths who need clinical care won’t get referrals.

Title IX rules announced Friday reverse Trump era changes, make clear denying gender identity harms students

A new report finds that at least half of new state preschool spending was backed by federal pandemic relief. More kids are enrolling, but can states keep it up?

El índice de solicitudes completas de FAFSA ha disminuido y las ofertas de ayuda financiera están en un limbo. Los orientadores universitarios quieren que las familias sepan que no están solas.

Un grupo influyente conservador ha elaborado una estrategia para desafiar una decisión histórica del Tribunal Supremo que protege el derecho de los niños indocumentados a asistir a la escuela pública.

Across party lines, teachers want students to have more mental health support. Republican teachers were more likely to support armed police officers in school — and arming teachers.