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Senior Reporter, Chalkbeat Colorado

Ann Schimke covers early childhood issues for Chalkbeat Colorado. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and the Denver Post. She holds a master’s degree in education policy from the University of Michigan. She joined Chalkbeat (then EdNews Colorado) in 2012. Email:

Before the rule change, some preschool providers said they had to turn away families who hadn’t filled out the state’s online application.
Es la primera vez en seis años que el distrito de Westminster tendrá elecciones competitivas.
Voters approved a similar ballot measure allowing the state to keep excess marijuana tax in 2015.
After canceling school board elections the last two cycles, the district has its first contested race in six years.
El programa preescolar universal de Colorado ya está aquí. Si el medio día de clases no es suficiente, estos programas podrían ayudar.
National researchers said Colorado’s new universal preschool program could have some of the weakest quality standards in the country.
Some programs are for low-income families, and others serve families regardless of income.
“I feel good with where we’re at,” said the director of a Denver child care center participating in the state’s universal preschool program.
School districts and education groups say the state has broken promises about funding, among other problems.
Leah Williamson, a school social worker, said her students don’t “come from white picket fences, unicorns, and glitter, and do not want to be treated as [if] they do.”
“We don’t give more fourth grade hours to low-income families,” said Gov. Jared Polis. “I view half-day preschool the same way.”
Things are ‘still lean,’ said an Aurora Public Schools recruiter, ‘but there’s definitely a change in the number of folks who are coming out.’
Half of 4-year-olds participating in Colorado’s new preschool program have risk factors, but there’s not enough money to give all of them full-day classes.
The state will cover the cost of training for students going into six high-demand fields.
A combined Rocky Mountain Prep charter school network will serve nearly 5,000 students. The transition has been marked by upheaval and leadership questions.
The University of Colorado Denver’s teacher prep program is one of seven ordered to make changes to reading coursework in recent years.
The University of Northern Colorado was one of several teacher prep programs in the state to earn top grades from the National Council on Teacher Quality.
En total, los maestros filipinos representarán alrededor de un 7% de los maestros del distrito el año que viene.
Next school year, the Harrison school district will have 42 Filipino teachers on staff.
Families who apply by Wednesday at 5 p.m. will find out June 1 which preschools their children matched with.
Minnequa Elementary School’s progress comes as many schools are trying to reverse pandemic-era drops in math achievement.
Wendy Birhanzel describes the Harrison school district’s efforts to reduce out-of-school suspensions and a local partnership to cover the cost of college.
Some preschools are still deciding how many seats to offer through the universal program next fall.
Preschools won’t have to make quality improvements in the first year of universal preschool.
Most families who applied for Colorado’s universal preschool program by Feb. 24 will find out which preschool they matched with on March 30.
Some school districts, including Boulder Valley and La Veta, already conduct universal dyslexia screenings in certain grades.
University officials expect to produce 20-30 teachers a year when the program ramps up.
The Colorado Children’s Campaign and the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition are leading the coalition.
Un número creciente de distritos escolares de Colorado ofrecerá almuerzo gratis a todos los estudiantes el próximo año, incluidos los de Denver, Douglas County, y Greeley-Evans.