Maryland’s diverse Montgomery County epitomizes the challenges faced by school communities worried about both a spike in anti-Jewish hate and Israel’s conduct since Oct. 7.

Organizers of the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago are inviting high school students to design buttons and other memorabilia.

If restorative justice funding is cut, advocates worry schools will increasingly resort to suspensions instead of alternatives like peer mediation.

Under state law, schools must conduct at least four lockdown drills each year. Lawmakers and advocates say that’s “excessive and ineffective.”

As Moms for Liberty and other conservative groups sought to gain control of American school boards, they turned to a blueprint drawn up in one Texas town.

Spinning up a virtual learning program would be optional, and the plan does not force principals to choose any specific method for achieving the new caps.

The protest was a sharp contrast to the congressional hearing earlier in the day that focused almost exclusively on the experiences of Jewish students and educators.

‘There have been unacceptable incidents of antisemitism in our schools,’ Banks told members of Congress. But he also defended the record of the nation’s largest school system.

Braun will face Democrat Jennifer McCormick and Libertarian Donald Rainwater in November. See how he answered questions on education.

Chancellor David Banks is set to testify at a congressional hearing on antisemitism in K-12 schools, facing the committee that recently grilled the presidents of elite colleges.

New York City’s teachers union is ratcheting up the pressure on the Education Department to comply with the state class size law.

American schools are far more integrated than they were before Brown v. Board. But 70 years after the decision, segregation is increasing in the large districts that serve many Black students.

Banks previews the message he plans to take to Congress for a hearing on responses to antisemitism in school.

As NYC students figure out college plans, many are scrutinizing how administrators respond to campus activism.

With federal pandemic aid for schools expiring, the schools say the additional operating funding would be crucial for students and staff.

Mayor Eric Adams and top police officials continued to claim, with little evidence, that “outside agitators” were behind the encampments.

Supporters of Biden’s regulations say they will protect vulnerable students. Critics say they’re an attack on fairness and privacy.

“It's a fundamentally wrong and unfair practice,” one student said, calling it “affirmative action for the wealthy.”

“This decision making was clearly rushed,” one lawmaker said. “It's not best practice, but this is where we are.”